Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Noah was really sick this fathers day!  REALLY!  He got hand foot mouth disease and he threw up all day long.  I felt so terrible for him.

Jason got a Father's Day Basket.  He got some Flowers, Reese Cups, Sunflower Seeds, COFFEE (Gourmet), Popcorn (to pop on the stove - it's our new favorite thing), a picture of the Family, Personalized Notes from all of us, a Plaque with the kids handprints, and his FAVORITE...John Smoltz book.  Not to mention b/c Noah was sick...he got a CLEAN HOUSE!   

Since Noah was so sick we tried to stay away from him...  We ended up swimming and just hanging out around the house.  Jason read half his book and we all just relaxed and prayed we weren't the next to get the bug...

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