Saturday, June 30, 2012

Allstar Game

Noah made the ALLSTARS!!  YEA!!  And Jason said he really earned it!  Noah loves baseball and is really good at it.  I'm so proud of him.  He played like a big kid this year.  We had a good season. The kids all played so hard.  I loved seeing Jason coach these kids.  They all just look up to him and I loved hearing them repeat the things he said, "See the ball, hit the ball" that's the one I remember and heard the kids saying to each other a lot.  Jason was such an encourager to them.  It was fun being a CARD this year.

See how they all look up to him...I love it.
We played against the Bucs.  They were the "best" team this season.  And the Allstar team beat them 14-8.  Our team was on fire!  They were sick of losing to the Bucs.  It was so fun to finally win an allstar game.  We've gone 3 years now and the first year we were the allstar "team" that went.  We said we lost because we were playing the best players.  Well, last year we went as an allstar pick and we LOST.  It was so heartbreaking.  So this year...was so much fun to finally win.  It was hot but all the kids had so much fun. 

It was also a lot of fun to see the kids hitting, catching fly balls, throwing people out, and making catches.  The whole game was played hard...And there were some close calls. 

Noah up to bat for the first time in the allstar game.  Yea...he smacked it!

It was HOT and we are kinda glad to see the season end.  That day we played the temp was to go up to 104.  Luckly we played in the morning but it was still out of control hot!! 

So here's to another season!! 


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