Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day!

Silena and I took my mom out for Mother's Day Saturday night.  Well, let me correct myself.  Dad fit the bill but we entertained her.  We are good at that.  We went to Tavern on the Summit and it was so extremely good.  I haven't eaten there in so long and Silena twisted my arm into getting a Filet Minon.  Mouth watering just thinking about it.

Then we were going to go to the Cheesecake Factory where we had a giftcard.  But the line was out the door.  We didn't want wait in such a long line just for our dessert so mom told us about Flip Burger and how they make these milkshakes with dry ice and there is one in particular that taste just like a Krispy Kreme donut.  SOLD!!  My sister got the Krispy Kreme donut one.  I got the strawberry shortcake (which was THE BEST) and my mom got a nutella one with burnt marshmallows on top.  Don't know how many calories were in that treat but it was totally worth it. 

I thought my mother's day gift would be the amazing beach trip we got to enjoy last week.  But no... There was more! 

First of all...Anna greeted me with Breakfast in Bed.  Her thoughtfulness was great and I love that she gave me a brownie and cookies for breakfast.  I do love breakfastes like that.  Her "HOMEMADE" chocolate milk was a little hard to swallow and the orange was a little dry (not her fault).  The marshmellows just topped it all off!  I love her.  See, I told you... SHE'S THE FUN ONE!

Then I got a card from each of the kids.  HOMEMADE...which was precious.  And the BIG surprise...what I always wanted this year...

A CARPET CLEANER WITH SCRUBBERS ON THE BOTTOM.  I've borrowed several people's carpet cleaner and it's just an investment we needed to make.  After borrowing Shea's a couple of weeks ago I put my request in.  And low and behold someone was listening! 

We don't have pets but we have 4 kids and our carpet gets OUT OF CONTROL.  This machine is GREAT!  I LOVE IT!! 

thank you thank you thank you Jason and kids for getting me just what I wanted when I didn't expect you to do anything more.  Y'all are all sweet as pie!! 

After church we went to Jason's parents house to hang out with them and celebrate his mom.  We had a great time (which we always do)... we rested and chatted and I ate so much cornbread I would not be surprised if I turned into it.  The kids found these feather plants and they fanned me with them.  I guess I am a queen!  HA!

We also looked at old pictures which is always fun and is why I love to take a gazillion pictures!!  Jason looks JUST LIKE NOAH in this picture.  I mean exact same face.  WEIRDNESS!!!  They really are twins!

Look at my sweet Jason as a baby!!  SWEET!

...and I think this picture looks just like Isaac.  I get that face from him A LOT!!! Such a fun time.  It's so amazing being a wife and mother.  Children truly are God's BEST GIFT!


Silena Cvacho said...

It was such a great time!! We have to do this more!!

Seriously though, me, you, and your nifty gift have to get together!! ;) My back room needs a scrubbing!!

Oh- I can't believe how much Noah looks like Jason!! Love it!!!

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