Friday, May 4, 2012


This is the start to a very exciting weekend/week.  Jason and I got to sneak away Friday and go see Act of Congress.  They were playing at Briarwood Highschool and all the proceeds went to benefit Restoration Academy.


First of all...let me just say that AOC is such a GREAT band.  You should take every opportunity to see them.  Buy their CDs, listen and support.  GREAT GREAT GREAT band.  Very neat people.  You will not be disappointed.  WILL NOT!

I grew up with Connie and she would always encourage me to sing.  We would make all kinds of crazy harmonies on Sunday morning in worship.  I always thought she made me sound so good and I loved sitting by her.  I thought she was so brave to sing in front of people.  It's definitely her passion and she is amazing.  It just makes me so happy that she is getting to do the stuff she loves.  I still would love for her to teach my kids violin...but whatever...I'll wait while she lives her dream.  Maybe she can teach my grandkids!

Second, we were excited that they were supporting Restoration Academy!  My brother in law teaches there and that school has an amazing testimony of reaching students for Christ.  I just love the call on my brother in laws life and he is right where the Lord wants him.  He does amazing things with the students there and he just makes me so proud.

Not to mention my long lost friend Christy came to town for the concert.  We had so much fun.  We talked and laughed more at that concert than we have in a very long time.  We decided because we didn't have the kids!!  Oh it just made me love her to see her and have such a great time.  Thanks for coming down Christy and making me laugh.  It was much needed. 

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