Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday was so much fun!  It was the first day of SUMMER!  And how else would we spend it?!?  AT THE POOL!  But our pool was closed so Delilah and I took the kids to my brother's pool to swim for a little while.  SO MUCH FUN!!  It's so fun to spend the summer with friends.  After the pool it was off to the Dentist for Noah and I...THANK THE LORD I LOVE MY HYGENIST!  She made me want to cry and I acted just like Anna...OH THE SOUNDS ARE MORE THAN I CAN HANDLE!!!

NOT TO MENTION...It was another RMLBC CRAFT NIGHT!  We made these beautiful crosses!  Heather won the beautification award.  She is one talented person.  I love craft night!  Always so fun to get together and be creative.  I didn't make a cross because I really needed to finish a project for Sherry.  It turned out so pretty!! 

Then it was time for the long awaited ORPHAN RUN!  Love the cause.  Want to support Malerie and Kevin and get this little Gia home with her forever family.  It was fun but it was HOT!!  I had not properly hydrated myself the day before or that morning.  Needless to say... I didn't finish the race.  When we came to where I parked we got in the car and left.  Just in time too.  Right when I got to my mom's house (to get the kids) I threw up everywhere!!  So I spent the next SEVERAL hours resting, drinking lots of gatorade and sprite, and cooling off.  I felt like the biggest wimp ever.  But Delilah and I have already decided we will conquer that track.  And for the record.  Delilah is the BEST FRIEND a girl could have.  She is so competitive and she never left me and she also forfeited the race with Jason and I.  I ruined her fun!  I was sad for her.  But she proved her love for me that day!!   Jason was so good too...I feel sorry for him sometimes that he has to keep up with me (for the rest of his life).  I'm so dramatic.  I couldn't just run a race I had to go and quit and throw up about it.  Thank you Jason and Delilah for being there with me and loving me through my weakness!!  Y'all are the best!! 

I was done after Saturday.  The rest of my weekend was going to be spent at our pool...LAYING AROUND!  And that is what I did.  Sunday after church we spent 5 hours out there and Saturday we did the same.  Cassie & Delilah came over Sunday and we decided to have a memorial day pool/cookout.  That night we went to the store and got all our food we were going to need.   We rocked out dinner last night.  We had a BOSTON BUTT that I made!!  That's right friends.  I provided the meat and it was good!  Cassie made some wonderful sides and Delilah rocked dessert...surprised?!?  Nah!  It was so fun spending time with our friends.  I'm gonna love this summer life if it shapes up like this!! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day!

Silena and I took my mom out for Mother's Day Saturday night.  Well, let me correct myself.  Dad fit the bill but we entertained her.  We are good at that.  We went to Tavern on the Summit and it was so extremely good.  I haven't eaten there in so long and Silena twisted my arm into getting a Filet Minon.  Mouth watering just thinking about it.

Then we were going to go to the Cheesecake Factory where we had a giftcard.  But the line was out the door.  We didn't want wait in such a long line just for our dessert so mom told us about Flip Burger and how they make these milkshakes with dry ice and there is one in particular that taste just like a Krispy Kreme donut.  SOLD!!  My sister got the Krispy Kreme donut one.  I got the strawberry shortcake (which was THE BEST) and my mom got a nutella one with burnt marshmallows on top.  Don't know how many calories were in that treat but it was totally worth it. 

I thought my mother's day gift would be the amazing beach trip we got to enjoy last week.  But no... There was more! 

First of all...Anna greeted me with Breakfast in Bed.  Her thoughtfulness was great and I love that she gave me a brownie and cookies for breakfast.  I do love breakfastes like that.  Her "HOMEMADE" chocolate milk was a little hard to swallow and the orange was a little dry (not her fault).  The marshmellows just topped it all off!  I love her.  See, I told you... SHE'S THE FUN ONE!

Then I got a card from each of the kids.  HOMEMADE...which was precious.  And the BIG surprise...what I always wanted this year...

A CARPET CLEANER WITH SCRUBBERS ON THE BOTTOM.  I've borrowed several people's carpet cleaner and it's just an investment we needed to make.  After borrowing Shea's a couple of weeks ago I put my request in.  And low and behold someone was listening! 

We don't have pets but we have 4 kids and our carpet gets OUT OF CONTROL.  This machine is GREAT!  I LOVE IT!! 

thank you thank you thank you Jason and kids for getting me just what I wanted when I didn't expect you to do anything more.  Y'all are all sweet as pie!! 

After church we went to Jason's parents house to hang out with them and celebrate his mom.  We had a great time (which we always do)... we rested and chatted and I ate so much cornbread I would not be surprised if I turned into it.  The kids found these feather plants and they fanned me with them.  I guess I am a queen!  HA!

We also looked at old pictures which is always fun and is why I love to take a gazillion pictures!!  Jason looks JUST LIKE NOAH in this picture.  I mean exact same face.  WEIRDNESS!!!  They really are twins!

Look at my sweet Jason as a baby!!  SWEET!

...and I think this picture looks just like Isaac.  I get that face from him A LOT!!! Such a fun time.  It's so amazing being a wife and mother.  Children truly are God's BEST GIFT!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Jason and I were able to take the kids to the beach for a couple of days!  We had a great time!  It was a great little get away.

It was Isaac's first trip to the beach and we all agreed that he had the best time of anyone.  He had the best attitude and really enjoyed everything we did.   Our plan was to go to the beach and pool as much as possible and I think we accomplished that goal.  We also wanted to REST while we were away.

Our schedule was wake up and go to the beach come back for lunch, go down to the pool, then back up for a 2 hour nap!  And that nap was one of the best naps ever!!  Fell right to sleep and woke up refreshed.  So we got to rest.  Then out to dinner.  We went to The Crab Trap which was really fun for the kids (playground on the beach), Waffle House, and Sea n' Suds.  It was a great little get away and I was so sad we had to come back.  REALLY SAD!!!

When we left we went to Montgomery and toured the capital because Noah missed his field trip there.  Not sure we learned as much as he would have learned had he gone with his class but we had a good time!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


We love going to the Lake.  It's NORM'S lake.  That's what we call it at least.  Some people call it Logan Martin - who's that?!?  No...It's Lake Norman to us.  We didn't get to go last year so we've missed it.  The gathering was for Mindy's birthday.  I felt so privileged to be invited.  And we had so much fun!

The lake was really low.  I didn't know why but they said it was because they dam up the water in the winter.  But I loved it low.  It was the first time that I was not afraid for my kids to not have their life jackets on.  It was LOW... I mean even Isaac could touch.  And I think it really helped Isaac fall in love with the water.  Last year he didn't want to go anywhere near the water and this year he was all over the place.  He had so much fun!

I don't love lake water!  I don't love water where living things live.  And Erin, every year makes me get in.  So, this is us "in" the lake.  And I did not want to get in but for the love of my friends...I sacrificed myself and entered the muddy water.  FOR THE LOVE...

Eeewwww....RIGHT?!?  But we had so much fun!  It actually was my favorite part of the day.

In other lake news and I have NO pictures of this because I forgot to bring my camera to the lake.  BUT, Isaac and Mary both did the tubes!  I was SHOCKED!! Isaac almost fell asleep riding his turn.  I was so proud of both of them.  Norm spoils the kids at the lake.  Not to mention Mindy took the kids on the Seadoo and tubing as well.  They are training them to be lake rats.

Noah went fishing and caught a couple of fish!  He loved that!

We had a great day and it was so fun to go and get our mind off the fact that we were leaving for the BEACH the next day!!  GREAT WAY TO PASS THE TIME!!!  Can't wait to go back!

Friday, May 4, 2012


This is the start to a very exciting weekend/week.  Jason and I got to sneak away Friday and go see Act of Congress.  They were playing at Briarwood Highschool and all the proceeds went to benefit Restoration Academy.


First of all...let me just say that AOC is such a GREAT band.  You should take every opportunity to see them.  Buy their CDs, listen and support.  GREAT GREAT GREAT band.  Very neat people.  You will not be disappointed.  WILL NOT!

I grew up with Connie and she would always encourage me to sing.  We would make all kinds of crazy harmonies on Sunday morning in worship.  I always thought she made me sound so good and I loved sitting by her.  I thought she was so brave to sing in front of people.  It's definitely her passion and she is amazing.  It just makes me so happy that she is getting to do the stuff she loves.  I still would love for her to teach my kids violin...but whatever...I'll wait while she lives her dream.  Maybe she can teach my grandkids!

Second, we were excited that they were supporting Restoration Academy!  My brother in law teaches there and that school has an amazing testimony of reaching students for Christ.  I just love the call on my brother in laws life and he is right where the Lord wants him.  He does amazing things with the students there and he just makes me so proud.

Not to mention my long lost friend Christy came to town for the concert.  We had so much fun.  We talked and laughed more at that concert than we have in a very long time.  We decided because we didn't have the kids!!  Oh it just made me love her to see her and have such a great time.  Thanks for coming down Christy and making me laugh.  It was much needed.