Saturday, April 28, 2012

While I got my craft on...

The last Friday night of every month a group of ladies from the church prepare for our CRAFT SHOW coming up in October.  I was late to this one because I had the privilege to do some Senior pictures for a very cute sweet girl, Jessica.  She's beautiful...


Then I headed off to be CRAFTY!  When I got there everyone was busy as bees and so many people came out.  What a relief.  I thought I sit and talk and entertain the crew.  At which point Erin handed me this chair to do...It's a time out chair.  She had painted it - supposedly that was the hard part?!?  And I had to decorate it. 

Take a breath
Count to ten
don't do it again!

I made that up all by myself.  Poet at heart!

I think it's cute...  I finished my chair at 11, but had the best time with all the girls!  It was a much needed girl night!

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