Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Orphan Run

 We have signed up to do the Orphan 5k Run. So we have been training (we are on week 3)! I'm still waiting for that "Runners High"...that desire to run and not stop running. NONE OF THAT IS HAPPENING FOR ME. I'm nervous every time we have to move up in our training. But this is a good cause and so that inspires me to stick with it!! The Orphan 5K Run is in May and all the proceeds go to bring Gia home. If you are interested in joining us out there PLEASE sign up and register here.  
She's a great encourager!!  I can do this!! She is STRONG - can run 3 miles!  NOT ME - yet!
Sometimes I wish he could carry me the whole way!  Right now that's how I feel is the only way I can make it.
Love this silly girl!
Sometimes it's just us!
And sometimes it's all of us!!!
It's been fun getting stronger with such a great group of support. Looking forward to May! Sign up and be there with us!!!

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