Friday, April 6, 2012

High Priviledge

These two crazy cats are planning to get married in October. It was so fun to see Jasmine over her spring break. Thank you Cindy for bringing her home for us ALL to enjoy! Her presence is a joy and delight. She lights up a room for sure! 

So with a wedding in the near future...Engagement pictures done, what else is there to do then to look for a dress!  I felt so special when Jasmine asked me to come with her and the family to find her wedding dress.  Granted it was for my camera.  That thing is a ticket into places I usually don't get to go.  It's my backstage pass!  But, later she told me that even if I didn't have the camera she still wanted me there...MELT.MY.HEART!!!  What a sweet friend!!  I wish the world could know her and what an amazing person she is...She made me feel so special.  I couldn't feel more blessed to have her as a friend.  Thankful to the Lord for that girl and she is going to be an amazing wife, mother, and she is already and amazing follower of Christ!!

Sorry friends...I cannot share the pictures I took.  Maybe in October I will release them!  But while you wait, here is a "creative" picture by Crystal...

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