Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Oh Easter was such a fun day.  The kids woke up to their Easter baskets.  Noah got a football that whistles when you throw it and the other kids got Scentsy animals.  THEY SMELL AMAZING.  And the kids really really like them.  Carried them around everywhere!  Isaac got Patch the Puppy, Anna got Scratch the Cat, and Mary got Lenny the Lamb.  They also got their fill of candy. 

Saturday Night I was ready for Sunday.  I hate on Easter to get distracted with all the "Easter" stuff that I forget what an amazing thing we are celebrating.  So Saturday night the close were pressed and laid out, Jason bathed the babies, and I did Easter baskets.  The morning flowed so smoothly.  I was so thankful.  It really set the day - set it to be terrific. 

Church is always so exciting on Easter.  I love a full church house!  We had 2 services and the choir sang through both of them.  It was so fun.  We have a little alto section - just 3 girls (should have been 4) I sat right in the middle.  I love singing with Lori and Joni.  It's a challenge to us to conquer these notes and we laugh when we mess up and get the eye from Sherry - it's funny how I can bring a whole section down sometimes!  Ha ha ha!!  My heart is just full of love and joy for Joni and Lori after we sing something like Easter or Christmas music.  We work so hard and it's such an accomplishment.  I feel as though we bonded.  And that choir time is the only time I really get to spend with them!  I have to say, it wasn't our best year but as Joni said, "I think the Lord was happy!"  I have to agree!

Looks like I've already messed them up!!  SO MUCH FUN!
I love seeing everyone dressed up in their Sunday's best.  

I was excited to get a great family picture.  I cannot believe everyone is happy and looking at the camera.  THANK YOU ISAAC and MARY  who tend to be the problem.  Here are a few pictures of them in their Sunday best! 

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