Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Day out with Thomas!

I almost let this one slip right through my fingers!  With all that's been going on lately I almost forgot about THOMAS!!  For the past year I've really really really wanted to take Isaac to see Thomas.  He LOVES Thomas.  I asked the big kids if they were at all interested in going and they both said no.  Which was great for us because that is $40 we saved AND we were able to go while they were in school.  So we planned to go Friday and of course I waited too late to buy the tickets but Friday is the MOST PERFECT day to go.  It was not over crowded (like I thought it would be) and the kids got to do EVERYTHING without being crowded out!  The place is so cute and it was just perfect for Mary and Isaac.

Jason had to work so my mom, dad, and I took the babies.  We got up and left at 8:30, got breakfast, and headed to the station.  The kids had so much fun playing with trains, meeting Sir Tophamhatt, riding the train, playing putt putt, I think their favorite activity was a little bitty MAZE.  They would run through and come running out the end saying, "Let's do it again!"  They had so much fun!!   


We got our TICKETS!


Sir Tophamhatt


Get it Mary!

The MAZE these two loved...

Cutest place and I cannot wait to go again next year!

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