Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dance & Engagement Pictures!!

I'm not taking Mary to dance this year (my mom has been taking her) so I have no idea what they are dancing to or anything!  It's gonna be a big surprise this year at recital.  I do know that she is so stinking cute in her costumes. 

Thanks mom for taking her to dance so faithfully this year.  She loves it and Shalita is her best friend.  You are the BEST GRANNY! 

Time to line up for her pictures!
She's the most beautiful kitty cat!!!!

After I dressed her for her pictures Jake and Jasmine met me out in Springville for their engagement pictures.  CANNOT TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THEM.  They all turned out so beautiful and we made a few memories.  For instance, as we were leaving the property across from Matthews Manor a guy was super rude to us and just had to tell us we were trespassing even though there was no sign!!  But luckly he just wanted to be rude and nothing else.  We apologized and we truly were sorry!!  But then went to a friend's land in Springville which was amazingly beautiful and at sunset breathtaking!  Thank you Ken and family!!!  We laughed a lot and I have to admit deep down I was feeling a little jealous of that young love - the look in their eyes at each other and the playfulness in the time they spend together. 

They are a beautiful couple, blessed beyond measure to have them as friends.  Aren't they just the sweetest things.

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