Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Picture Perfect Weekend...

I extended the Easter pictures because several of my friends requested me to...I'm such a people pleaser!

Instead of driving all the way out to McCalla I asked about getting the Caroline House at Briarwood.  It is so extremely beautiful up there.

The day seemed a little longer this weekend.  I had more people in one day then last weekend, it was hotter than last weekend, and there were several people I didn't know (which always makes me nervous - I feel like if you don't know me then you might be more critical of my pictures - and to me my pictures are still very personal).

I shot 14 people in ONE DAY!  Midday I thought - "Oh no!!  I've made a mistake!!"  But after sitting in the AC (in the car) for about 15 minutes between shoots I was re-energized and I got to end the day with several of my favorite friends!!!   I was worried there would be rain, so much so that I asked James Spann (on Facebook) if I should cancel!!  That made Jae's day.  And he said we would fine (ha)  and the rain, it held off until I had packed all my stuff in the car and I was chit-chatting with my friend Shea (who was last) when it seemed lightening struck right beside us.  At that point we got the clue and left.

I am so encouraged by all those who are supporting me in the photography venture.  ESPECIALLY YOU JASON!!  You have been a major team player!  I couldn't do this without you.  It has been a very fun ride.  Just for the record... The SPRING PHOTOSHOOT I took pictures for 37 families (I had no idea that many people were interested in my pictures - amazed) - and a total of 7345 pictures and each family got 24 pictures of the shoot!  That ratio may not be the best but I'm trying to be fair to everyone and give everyone the same amount of pictures.  And 24 was the magic number.  

Our bunnies were so sweet!!  And for all those concerned, they did remain alive for the week we had them!!  I had several parents chase the bunnies.  I told them.  STAY CLOSE, in case they run.  The bunnies took a few chances to run!    Lots of babies LOVED THEM... A LOT maybe a little too much, sometimes too hard!  And the bunnies were sweet!!  SWEET!  They were perfect. They were worn out!!

This is me after ALL the pictures with my Riley Roo!!  She 'bout wore me out...ha ha!!  Just kidding.  Love that girl.

Bye Bunnies!!  Happy Easter!

I see so much beauty in all these children.  I grin ear to ear as I sit and edit the pictures!  They are truly a gift from the Lord.  One of his BEST creations!!  

I will soon post all the pictures on my new website here or on Facebook.  As for now... back to editing 8 more families left to edit.  Thanks for your patience!

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