Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break Festivities

We had an uneventful Spring Break and NO ONE is complaining!  We had Riley spend the night with us because her mom had surgery so we spent a lot of time with a Diben.  Also Delilah moved in down the road so the kids spent a lot of time playing with Hannah and Ian as well. 

Monday we did nothing...I mean nothing!  I edited pictures while the kids played all day.  I took Riley home that night and spent some time with Shea.

Tuesday I had to work and again the kids stayed home and played.  After work I went to the Thrift store with Brittney, she was teaching me how to shop.  I was looking for a chair to paint for my pictures that weekend.  FOUND IT.  Look for it in the Easter Pictures this weekend. After the thrift store adventure I went to pick Riley up again and she spent the night.

Wednesday I was off hoping to do something fun with the kids!  We went bowling.  We played 2 games.  Probably should have just played one.  The first game everyone did so good but the second game Mary didn't play - she was somewhat over it.  And at the beginning of the second game Isaac threw a gutter ball two isle down in someone elses game.  And they were playing a REAL game - not a bunch of kids playing.  So it took them a minute to set it back right.  I felt horrible.  I held him in my lap and of course he cried and cried and in about 5 minutes he was FAST asleep.  And he KNEW what he did.  I asked him, "Do you know why you are in trouble?"  In tears he said, "I frew it ober dere!"  He had tried to do it two times before he found me distracted and got away with it.  The big kids had fun playing the babies turns.  Riley beat the pants off everyone!!  One game I would have left thinking it was a success.   But having played two and the melt downs... I now think I'm crazy.  At least you live and learn.  I used some coupons so we had to play two games!!  All is well now.  That's over!

Thursday, back to work and my parents kept the kids.

Friday, I lost my mind again and decided to go and take Noah to get his eyes checked.  He needed to have it done and I'm glad I did it.  My mistake may have been taking 4 kids!  ha!  They did pretty good considering and America's Best got us in and out.  THANK YOU!!  Look at the cute glasses he got.  He was ok with getting these because he now looks like Corey Lenard at church.  A super cool guy!!

While we waited on Noah, Mary tried on glasses too.  She found a cute pair.  Luckly she doesn't neeed them!!

After the glasses we went to pick up the Bunnies we were going to babysit for a week.  Then we headed to Shea's house to show her the bunnies and play for a while.  We had a great afternoon with them.

Having a GREAT TIME!

The net was pretty much dry rotted on the trampoline and Noah flew right through it.  This is the kids laying in the HOLE that he left.  Thankfully there was no serious injury!!  Love these kids!!

That night I took pictures of Anna with the bunnies.  I wanted to see just how hard this photoshoot over the weekend was going to be.  Luckly it was a lot easier then when I did my own kids.  But isn't Anna just beautiful!!! 

All the kids really enjoyed these bunnies.  They were so sweet and needed a serious rest.  So Mary would just sit and watch them.  She's so sweet!

Now tomorrow should be exciting!!

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