Sunday, March 11, 2012

RMLBC Craft Night

RMLBC is going to have a craft fair Oct. 6 - MARK YOUR CALENDARS - you are not gonna want to miss it.  And some of you I want to get a table and sell  your stuff at the fair.  But, we have scheduled crafts the church will be selling to raise money to pay off the gym.  We needed some seed money so Friday night we got together and made some Easter wreaths to sell.  We were supposed to make them and sell them.  I made two and I bought one for my door and then Erin bought the other.  So I didn't get very far in selling.  But that's the way I like it. 

Crafting is so fun to me.  My friend Sue told me - you can always tell which one Page did.  My "art" is always filled with so much drama.  The last wreath project we did I used SO MUCH material I was stealing from others - but in my opinion (mine was the best) - not the best to save money with but the best looking...IN MY OPINION.  This week we did the Easter wreaths and everyone else's was so neat and proper and mine was a little CHARISMATIC!!  Just a little.  But again.  IT SOLD!  So, no one can complain and once again, in my personal opinion.   IT'S THE BEST! 

Take a look!

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