Monday, March 26, 2012

Picture Perfect Weekend

So Easter is right around the corner and we got these precious bunnies to take pictures with (thanks to our friend Jill Jackson)... Sue found just a beautiful spot for pictures and it was a perfect, might I say, PICTURE PERFECT weekend.  It was cool, there was plenty of shade, NO RAIN, plenty of amazingly beautiful subjects, my only complaint...BUGS.  But the owner of this amazing property lent me a bug repellent (kinda like a miniature fan) and I was good to go. 

Here are a few of my absolute favorite shots...

That's right!  21 people strolled through this place!  I was amazed and the slots filled up so fast the day I advertised this!  By the end of the weekend I could barely walk.  It was INSANE!!!  Taking pictures is a GREAT form of excercise.  

Thank you so much friends.  Most of all enjoyed your company. 

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