Monday, March 12, 2012

Know More Orphan Conference

Jason and I were able to go to the kNOw More Orphans Conference, Saturday.  As you know I love to cheer for and support those who are adopting.  I think adoption is the most beautiful thing.  It is the gospel lived out. 

Jason and I are not at a place of adopting.  We have a bad habit of jumping the gun.  And we definitely feel like this is not the time.

I know you think "REALLY Y'ALL?!?"  4 kids is already A LOT to most of the people we come in contact with, but this weekend it was reinforced to us that it is a command to take care of the widows and orphans in their distress.  We do not feel called to actually adopt right now but what we do feel called to is supporting those who are adopting, praying for those who are adopting, pointing others to adopting, supporting foster and adoption ministries, I know Jason wants to use his position as pastor to support orphan care. 

I can't help but wonder what the Lord is planting in our hearts.  Noah wants to adopt and has for a long time.  Now he says he wants to adopt a 9 year old boy so he will have someone to play with, so his motives are somewhat wrong but he's a kid.  I love that about him.  He has said several times I want to adopt when I grow up.  So, I know it's more than he wants someone to play with.  LOVE HIS HEART!!  But last month I did a fundraiser to bring Gia home and two of the people were adoption families.  And their kids melted my heart!  Laine's big kids even melted my heart - the way they have taught their big kids the meaning of adoption is just beautiful - she would like for me to add - THEY ARE NOT PERFECT ... but they are beautiful!  And then Elizabeth and Hannah were so sweet.  I later read Elizabeth's blog and was so encouraged by her testimony of God's faithfulness in her life.  So as I was touched by these families it felt like a seed was planted. 

Then the Know More Orphans conference (another seed planted).  But they were so good to stress that not everyone is called to adoption and should adopt.  And there is a way to adopt for the wrong reasons.  The right reason to adopt - to spread the gospel.  That was great insight to me.  Yes, the Lord uses infertility and other "needs" to launch in the adoption process but to learn that you are spreading the gospel is more important than adopting to fill a void in your life or to overcome guilt in your life (and by guilt I mean feeling pressured to adopt for "spiritual" reasons - not sure that makes sense).  But adoption or no adoption...all are commanded to take care of the orphan and widow.
Another seed seemed to be planted.  Maybe not to adopt but to somehow get involved. 

And this week our Women's group at church is starting a study in James.  We'll see what comes of that... ha!

Not to mention this summer Jason will be going to the Dominican Republic to do work with (un)adopted and our friends Jason and Michelle Little.  Working with orphans! 

So to me it's pretty clear the Lord is saying something! 


One thing at the conference that was the most beautiful thing we experienced was HIS LITTLE FEET.  Love this ministry.  It's a choir ministry to orphans but they leave their home for 10 months and go "on tour" - It is really something to hear children sing praises to God.  It's almost like you know why God likes it so much.  It was really the most moving and beautiful sound EVER!  They all had accents (10 kids were from Haiti and 4 were from Honduras) and the joy on their face was indescribable.  Check out their website and if you buy one of their CD's I promise you will be blessed beyond measure.  I really want them to come out to RMLBC. 

GREAT way to spend the weekend!!  GREAT!!  Check out this website...

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