Friday, February 17, 2012

Say it ain't SO!

When this baby woke up today he looked like this! 

It was just yesterday that he was a baby, right?  How can time truly fly so fast?  I love when he was a baby - holding him, feeding him, snuggling him, watching him play, making him laugh because he is the ticklest baby ever!  I love that stage.  I love him in that stage.   I cherish him as a baby would give anything to have a couple of those days back.  To hold him, smell him, cuddle him, just me and him.  Dollar Family party of 3 - just a couple of those days!  

BUT, believe it or not...I love him now too!  And I love our big ole' family.  When we brought him home I remember thinking... who else is gonna be in this family?  I wonder how many brothers or sisters he's gonna have? I wonder who he's gonna look like?  I wonder who he will act like?  I wonder ... I wonder... I wonder...  Well, now I know a little bit more - maybe too much - JUST KIDDING!!!

I love that by just asking he will tell me how his day was, what he's thinking about, what scares him, what makes him happy, what he wants.  I love that he loves God - and seeks to please him.  I love when he comes around just to say he loves me and when he gets filled with so much love it explodes with a GIANT hug (he's tiny but he's also strong and can squeeze TIGHT!), I love when he kisses me (which isn't all the time anymore so it's a gift when he does), I love to watch him with his friends, I love when he tells me I'm the coolest mom (again isn't often but those words ring in my head when I think I'm failing).  He is such an encourager to me and I also watch him encourage his friends.  I love that he is a good friend.  He has his Daddy's heart!  I love that he is still a family man (give or take Anna on some days - ha).  I love that he loves his siblings especially how he treats the babies.  He gives them so much, plays with them and loves on them.  They both adore him.  As for Anna - he tries sometimes.  But again, I've said time and time again he loves Anna and he shows it when she's not around.  They love to annoy each other - both of them. 

Today we are going to celebrate another friends Birthday at church and I was feeling really horrible for not being around on his birthday (which Jason is taking him to Target - that's all he wants for his birthday - TARGET and CASH) - so they are celebrating.  But I was still bummed.  And I was telling Noah about it and he said, "Mom, I'm just 10 - it's ok!  I'm fine!" - We will celebrate soon with family but 10 years ago today he stopped my world.  He changed me!  He started molding me into a "mother" - I want to celebrate!!  Noah, WE MADE IT TEN YEARS!  To me that's huge.  I ache to think in 10 more years he will be a MAN!  But there will be perks to that too!!  Oh, how I treasure this time with him as a kid.

Noah at 10:

He weighs 67 pounds
He loves being outside: to Skateboard or Ripstick with his friends
He loves being outside
He loves CANDY
He loves cereal - could eat it every meal
He loves beyblades
When he's inside the loves to build with legos and play a computer game Mind Craft
He loves to shop at Target

I love him...
Don't blink, don't blink, don't blink!!

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