Monday, February 27, 2012

RMLBC Women's Retreat

"Sprout" to the Lord...

This is Talula the Tater.  She gave her testimony about how the Lord brought her out of her deep dark hole, put her through the fire, and when he saw his reflection brought her out, and buttered her up with sour cream and other luxuries for HIS purpose.  It was a long shot but they didn't give us much to work with.  LOVE ME SOME Talula

I just spent the weekend with some pretty amazing women. As you already know (if you read this blog long enough) I love our church. And I already knew some pretty amazing people went there but now I KNOW some pretty amazing people go there!

A group of 24 women (ages 24-82) went to camp Sumatunga for a "retreat."  I have never gone on a women's retreat with our church and I'm ashamed to say but I've never been to a women's bible study at our church either.  These women...Becky and Sandra for sure (not sure who else was in the planning) put together this retreat in about a month maybe a month and a half.  They did an amazing job.  The Lord really used their efforts to teach and encourage all of us.

We learned about "Taters" - all kinds of taters.  Here are a few...

Some people are always looking to cause problems by asking others to agree with them. It is too hot or too cold, to sour or too sweet. They are called "Agie Taters"  Acts 5:39  

Some people will say they will help, but somehow just never get around to actually doing the promised help. They are called "Hesi Taters" Heb. 3:13

Some people are very bossy and like to tell others what to do.  They are called "Dick Taters" Mark 10:43

Some people never do anything to help, but are gifted at finding fault with the way others do the work. They are called "Comment Taters" Matt 7:5

Some People never seem motivated to participate, but are just content to watch while others do the work. They are called "Spec Taters".  1 Cor. 12:20-27

Some people can put up a front and pretend to be someone they are not they are called "Emma Taters"

Then there are those who love others and do what they say they will. They are always prepared to stop whatever they are doing and lend a helping hand. They bring real sunshine into the lives of others. They are called "Sweet Taters"  Gal. 5:20-23

We played lots of games, we stayed up late and talked, we got to hear everyone's life story (which may have been one of my favorite things), we crafted and made rag wreaths, we laughed a lot, we ate a lot, we had a fashion show (unforgettable),  we did skits, we sang together, we prayed for each other, we BONDED for sure.  It was a very great weekend.  The Lord was so nice to us all.  We all loved it so much we are making it an annual thing.

My rag wreath!  I love it...  This is one of my favorite projects.

The winning skit.  "Going to Sumatonga!"

Becky and the other leaders made us all journal covers...

Mine journal = love!

Becky "facilitatering" us.

Sandra teaching us about TATERS!

Fashion Show!!  This is Sue with her beaded hand bag, pillbox hat, penny loafers, and dinner dress.
Sandra in her bathing suit, sun glasses and ball cap.

Edna had bell bottoms a turtle neck, and a head band.

Sherry in her ball gown, lizard purse

MOST HILARIOUS... Becky in her power suit (which is double breasted) and her brief case.

So.Much.Fun!! Thank you LORD for RMLBC.  I especially thank you for the women I just spent the weekend with, you made some pretty amazing people and have written their stories so beautifully.  Thank you for being so active in our lives.  You are amazing God!

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