Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I love my Jason Dollar!  The past week he's been saying I'm his Texas YELLOW Rose.  And I would give him a hard time and say, "I know we're just friends!"  He said I have not done my research on the yellow rose.  And you know, he should know...I DON'T DO RESEARCH!  He says it's SPECIAL and RARE.  Yep...that's me!  I'm thinking he didn't do his research on the Yellow Rose though.  But I'll take his word for it.

So this morning I got a Yellow Rose from him.  He's so thoughtful.  In the shower I was prepping myself for a crummy Valentine's Day.  Saying in my mind, "I hate days like this.  The hype ruins the day!"  Jason is sick and we are scraping pennies until payday (TOMORROW).  So I couldn't do anything for him and I just knew it was going to be crummy.  I mean not every year can be the BEST VALENTINE'S DAY, can it? 


Well, this year it was the little acts of kindness.  The thoughtfulness of Jason to get me a flower and then to tell me he's thinking about me during the day, and then A LOVE LETTER!  To replace a letter I got a couple of years ago that helped me grow up a little.  And replace it did!!  HE LOVES ME!  HE REALLY LOVES ME! 

One of the greatest feelings in the world is to know why someone loves you.  Not just the I love you and can't describe it.  The "I love you let me count the ways" kind of I love you.  I'm on cloud nine today!  Thanks Jason!!  You got me there!

In other Valentine news...

I thought I would share Noah's Valentine box he made.  They had to make a box to collect their valentines.  His class "theme" is Mrs. Penny's Pride (like Lions).  So he made a lion box.  I thought it was pretty cute.  Not as crisp as I would have hoped but guess what...IT WASN'T MY PROJECT!!  He did a GREAT job.  I think he's cute! 

Noah's homemade all by himself Valentine box.  I personally think it ROCKS!

Anna is pretty stressed this year about "who's gonna be her valentine."  I told her I would be, and she said I couldn't because it has to be a boy.  Then I told her Dad definitely would be and she said, "NO!  He's your valentine!"  She didn't like the idea of Noah being her Valentine either.  Don't think he would have went for that...but I threw it out there.  She may have settled on Isaac.  I wonder what she thinks a Valentine is...What it means?  It's stressing her out...like she's got to have one by today.  I'm sure she knows by now it's not a big deal. 

Anna working on her Valentine box and the final products!

We made them all a lasagna dinner and we ate by candlelight.  Anna was so excited she got all dressed up!  All 5 of them are the loves of my life!  It was a fun celebration!

Happy Valentines Day!