Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mercedes Marathon!


Noah and Anna have been working on this marathon since September. Each week they would log in miles they run during PE and the last mile they ran at the Mercedes Marathon and got a medal for their completion. 

I wish I could run a marathon like that.  I mean I'm sure I could but there's not medal for it.  It's all about that bling.  ha!

To say it was freezing doesn't even compare to how cold it was out there. You would think with all the people there it would warm it up a bit...NOPE - COLD! The high that day was 31 but I think it was colder than that while we were out there especially if you add the WIND!  It was painful...not gonna lie!  Jason and the babies were miserable.  I was trying to keep up with Anna and Noah so I was occupied. 

Jason, I meant to tell you thank you for driving us down there.  I was hoping it would have been a little more fun but without you Noah would not have made the race with his group.  You helped us a lot and I am so thankful you were there - even though I know it wasn't fun for you!!  That was a VERY CREATIVE WAY TO SHOW YOU LOVE ME!!  Thank you!

Noah completed the race in 10.37 and Anna did 12.50. I have a feeling had it been a tad bit warmer they might have done better but I think they rocked it!! So.Proud.of.THEM!!!

Before the race!

Ready to RUN!

Congrats guys!!   And congrats to the babies for hanging with us!!

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