Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Jewel

I have found this little jewel of a book. It was more like a diamond in the rough.

We are pretty much getting rid of our library at the church because no one uses it anymore and lots of stuff is online now. So there were a ton of books upstairs for people to go through and take. While being silly looking through books someone handed me 400 Creative Ways to Say I LOVE YOU by Alice Chapin and said I needed to read it. I have not had this much fun with a book since DEEP THOUGHTS by Jack Handey. It takes me back to the days of sitting around reading Deep Thoughts with the Watson's and laughing till we cried. Keith and Amy, you may be receiving this book in the mail - except I want to be with y'all when you read it!

Alice is a pastor's wife in Newnan, GA. Her intentions are so good. She really wants marriages to be enriched. On page 13 she shares this truth, "love breeds love and establishes a cycle, often giving magnificent overflow back to the giver" - credit Jesus for that cycle. Her heart is in the right place. I kinda love her now!

But the book is outdated which is FUNNY! There are a lot of practical things you can do in this book. Some I wonder - do we really have to count that as a way?... like "Bathe Daily". I read excerpts from this book to Jason sunday night and we laughed so hard he literally had an asthma attack.

Here are a few of my favorites ways:

"Picture in your mind all the other wormen who would love to have him, and remind yourself that he chose you. It will make you realize how lucky you are." pg16

"Sometimes let him decide which movie or concert to go to. Go anyway, whether you like it or not." pg18

"Flirt with him at a party when you know you look beautiful. A wink over everybody else's head says, 'You are best of all.'" pg 19

"Carry a lock of his hair in your wallet." p20

"When he tells a joke, determine not to help him or give away the punchline." p20

"When his is comfortable in his easy chair and the TV programs change ask, 'What would you like to watch now?' and change the channel for him." p21

"Ask him to have lunch with you and look beautiful for him and his coworkers when you arrive. A hairdresser's appointment just before lunch will not hurt. Afterwards suggest a motel and ask if he can get the afternoon off. Even if he cannot, he will ove you for asking." pg 23

This book goes on on and and I'm pretty sure it would be illegal for me to quote the whole book to you. But it gets funnier and funnier. The things listed above are things to do...there are also things to say, bedroom life (HILARIOUS) - one quote from that is "find a motel with a WATERBED." REALLY?!?

Jason said the book is 400 ways to lie to your husband. But he still thinks it's funny.

Please. I'm advocating you buy the book!! You will love it. I promise!

The book is made up from lots of different people giving her these ideas. So, what is your creative way to love your husband?


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