Thursday, February 2, 2012

Guess Who is TWO (and a half)?!?

Today Isaac is 2 and a half. I have to say I think 2 is my all time favorite age. I know they say two's are terrible (and there have been days) but I just love how they still have that "baby" body but can talk and they try so hard to be grown.

Isaac spends his days building tracks and playing trains. He can watch Misty Island (Thomas the Train Movie) back to back to back to back to back to back to back. He loves all things Thomas. He also has a love for Diego who "wescues" animals. Another favorite movie of his is Gnome and Juliet, a movie he can resite the lines in. He keeps up laughing. I love to hear him count and as of late he counts in Spanish (thanks to Diego - I'm sure).

He loves to peddle his trike around the pool. Inside will work too. He can go so fast on his trike and he can even manuever it backwards.

As much as he loves Mary's shiny shoes he is learning to love tools and things with wheels. He is becoming ALL BOY! Those sisters almost messed him up! HA!

He is very independent. He knows what he wants, when he wants it. He'll do anything you tell him NOT to do. So if you want some Isaac love you have to say (in your sternest voice) "DO NOT COME OVER HERE AND GIVE ME A KISS!! DO NOT...I DON'T WANT YOU TOO!" Then, he will come full force running or sit on top of you and give you all the kisses you need. He's bad! He is so fun to love...he's just squishy enough and fits perfectly in your arms. There's never a day I don't want some love from him.

I love his voice ... the way he talks and when he tries to explain something he wrinkles his eyebrows to really try and explain.

He's sneaky. And if caught in the act will run as fast as he can away from you.

Isaac!! He has always been so cute but now even more. I just treasure him so much because we didn't see him coming! Our family just would not be the same without him. Glad the Lord gave him to us! Best.Surprise.EVER!!

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