Monday, February 6, 2012

Fender Bender

Had a fender bender in my parents car this morning. I was attempting to parallel park (at work) when my foot slipped off the break and onto the gas - HARD. No one was in the other 2 parked cars. I knew one guy the other never met before. Everyone was ok. Just my pride was wounded. Well, the Lord humbled me this morning.

Thankful for the people I work with who loved on me so well today. Who helped me laugh while I was crying. Especially Julie for going to lunch with me and getting my mind off my clumsiness. Thankful for my parents for understanding it was an accident. I definitely felt remorse. Thankful for Jason who loves me even when I have accidents - which seems like a lot!

Would have given anything to have had Ken McGinnis or Brittney or Jason Roberts be the police officer on the scene... but the other guy was good. THANKFUL he didn't blare his lights and sirens and call for reinforcement. I hate when more than one cop shows up. WHY?

Thankful the day is almost over. My eyes are tired for my over acting drama. I was crying and could NOT stop. I hate when that happens. I felt horrible, I knew it was an accident, I knew everything would work out, I knew all the truth surrounding the situation but my emotions couldn't grab hold of that. Having to swallow your pride is a very HARD thing to do. Thought the medicine was supposed to help with that...apparently not!!

Still need a Savior (Jesus). He's teaching me something today. Help me learn the lesson Lord.


Jason said...

You sweet girl! Thankful for Christ who cheers the wounded spirit. You are a wonderful person and I'm glad to be married to you. I suggest we get matching pajamas or coffee mugs so the whole world will know that we are together!

Laine said...

Oh Page, I'm so sorry you had a fender bender....BUMMER!

Let me make you feel better. Right before Christmas I got pulled over for running a red light (it was really just a shade past yellow)...I had ALL the kids in the car. We had been singing Christmas carols at the top of our lungs...LOUD. We were on our way to CHURCH. And there go the blue lights.
He wrote me a ticket and told me that it was dangerous for me not to have stopped when it was yellow, especially with "all those kids in your car". Can you say "HUMBLED?"
I was bawling so bad and couldn't stop that we turned around and went back home. How's that for some holiday spirit?
And like you, I was so thankful that the Lord humbled me in that way...totally a pride thing. So thankful for His mercy!!!!
So I completely understand you not being able to stop crying. I was the same way....I LOVE YOU PAGE DOLLAR!!!!