Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Early Monday morning tornado's ripped through our town again! They actually hit in Centerpoint (where we used to live) and Clay, Trussville, Argo area. Once again we knew people by name affected by the storms.

Wednesday Jason was asked to speak at a prayer service. Rush of Fools lead worship, James Spann spoke and gave a great sermon! Y'all like his weather - You'll really like his preaching! He just won me over with his heart for the Lord and the love of his job. He just shared very openly and with raw emotions concerning the storms and previous storms. He taught about when Jesus came to Peter during a storm and Peter eventually walking on water. He stressed the point that Jesus wants us to "NOT BE AFRAID" and we also much come out of our comfort zone and trust him. It was just really really good.

And what made it even better was Jason (my very own Jason) followed him up and spoke about not understanding God's will in storms but trusting the Lord. He spoke from Job. It was a very encouraging night. We were able to come together with many people and pray for those affected. It was just a sweet time before the Lord.

Thank you Kevin for inviting us out! Though not directly affected by the storms on Monday I was very encouraged by the messages! It was so nice to take time out of our schedule and go before the Lord on behalf of our friends. May the Lord do great and mighty things through this storm.

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