Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Start...

I could really get used to this. It's just such a festive season and the spirits are high. We had a great time at church. I love starting the year with a church service. No better way to start in my opinion.

Our friends Steve and Virginia visited with us and it was so fun to worship with them. If they are around there are plenty of laughs. It was great to have old friends amongst new ones. We went to lunch at Pizza Hut with them and did a lot of catching up. I love our little Pizza Hut on Morgan Road. No one is ever there and it's like we have the whole place to ourselves. Our little secret. I hope carry out keeps them in business because it's one of my favorite Sunday spots.

We only had one service Sunday and I wasn't done partying. So we decided to go bowling with the Dibenedetto's. The kids loved that. I cooked a fabulous Emealz dinner and after some chatting off we went to the bowling alley. It was CROWDED but we got our lane and had about as much fun as one could have in ONE HOUR. Noah beat everyone and I love how he rubs it in not even thinking that it wouldn't count because he had the bumpers up! HE IS CRAZY! I think it was a humbling experience for the guys (especially Jason - one game is not enough to prove you are a good bowler - ha).

It was fun!

This year is off to a GREAT START!!

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