Friday, January 20, 2012

Market Day Two

Well, another Market Day is in the books. After we did magnets a few months back I was all out of ideas. So I PROCASTINATED!!! That just so happened to be one of Anna's spelling words.

This time we made Candy Necklaces from here. I was not sure how they would turn out! I also got an email from the teacher saying there would be 80 kids coming through the market so at least have 40 of whatever we made to sell.

I failed to mention we started this project at 6 p.m. the night before. After I got off work I had to pick up Anna and we had to go to the store and get the supplies. Then we came home ate dinner and then as a family we started this project. I thought it would get done faster if we all worked together but really when Anna and I did the project alone (because at one point we ran out of ribbon and Jason had to go get some) we knocked it out fast. It was super easy after we got the hang of it.

They ended up being super cute and she sold out of them!! YAY!! Anna had said that her teacher was worried she was not going to get done with this project. Her teacher even offered to call or email me to let me know it was important for her to have. But Anna said, "NO, my mom knows. We will do it." So, she was able to tell Mrs. Pearson Friday that her mom "was the best procrastinator in the world." - She agreed I had skills.

Another one is in the books. Now for the next one...who knows what we'll do!!

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