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A Look Back : The Best of 2011

January 2011
was COLD!

But that didn't stop us from bundling up and going outside!

Jasmine taught me how to crochet

Which is how I spent my time

while the boys played table tennis

on our SNOW DAYS!!
Most people got snow to play in - but not us. I think I wished for it too bad!
We were out of school several days with this here snow.

Jason and Noah got to meet Jason Heyward at Academy. After 2 hours and 45 minutes they got him to autograph a baseball and a baseball card! That was really exciting!

I got a new bedroom suit & new closets! That was a great day for me!

February 2011

First on the calendar was the WALK FOR LIFE! It was so fun. I made a ton of hats (I think 14 if I remember correctly) for our church group to wear as we walked in the cold. Sarah wore her BLUE hat to tell us she was having a BOY!! It was so much fun putting my crochet needle to work for a fun cause!

A few days later we got SNOW again, this time we could actually see it at our house! It wasn't as much as they said it would be but it was beautiful!


Noah turned 9!

McKenna invited us to her slumber party. It was so much fun. I think it was our first REAL slumber party. There was good food, lots of dancing, pampering - we did nails, playing, and they all fell asleep to a movie.

They party-ed HARD!

And Kendra, Shea, & I survived!

Anna got chosen to go to the ASCI Spelling Bee. We thought that was going to be fun but ended up being very devestating her to. She got out on the first round. Needless to say, she doesn't want to be in another Spelling Bee.

March 2011

I purchased my Canon 40D!

Noah had a major school project due: Animal Day. It was dreadful until it was done...then it was appreciated and cute! I was so thankful that most of the work was done in the classroom. My favorite part of this project was working hard on a Friday night to finish before the weekend - getting done at 2 a.m. and then going to get Krispy Kreme doughnuts for a reward!

Shea put me under the knife. I had my first ever root canal. It was super scary! So thankful Shea was there to hold my hand and hook me up with the proper medicine! HA!

March also brought SPRING BREAK!! YAY! We went to the zoo with our friends from church!

Jason and I considered what it would be like with 5 kids! HA HA HA!

We decided now is not the time!

We celebrated 11 years! Probably because of the previous decision! HA!

And finally for the sanity of the family...Baseball Season arrived and Noah started playing with the Joy League again - on the YANKS team again!

April 2011

Sandra put together a Spring Follies as a Fundraiser to help pay off the gym. Delilah and I led the youth girls in the Hoe Down Throw Down Hannah Montana Dance - Humilating - little bit! But for a good cause and it wasn't near as dramatic as some of the other acts.

Mary turned 3 & we celebrated with a Minnie Party...

On our church's brand new playground!

Jason and I filed for bankruspy in April too. And I know you are thinking, really? Best of? But it really was the best thing for us. We got out from under the bad deal on the house we had and we are finally debt free and things really started looking up for us after that. We have made the best of that bad situation. It was definitely a learning experience. Thank you LORD!

We also celebrated Passover with the Hootens which was a lot of fun for the whole family!

Then came Easter and fun with the fam!

Then on April 27 the worst storms hit our town! It was very devasting but good also came from this as well. We were able to help those with no home. Jasonand some people from the church would give people rides out of the devasted area, they helped a family move who lost pretty much everything. I got to help make sack lunches to victims and volunteers. It was a very sad but hopefully the hands and feet of Christ reached and blessed many people!

May 2011

Brianna Park Officially Opened. Yea, we partied in it for Mary's Birthday but it wasn't really done yet. They put the last few touches on it and opened it to the public. Such a fun day!

One of my favorite things of the whole entire year was a beach trip I went on with Cassie. We went to Gulf Shores just for fun and had the best time talking, laying out, being lazy, shopping, and playing with nails and makeup! So fun!

Came home to a fun Mother's Day!! Got lots of love from the family...

Silena and I also took mom out and that was a lot of fun too! We laughed a lot on that trip!

Church Picnic! It was so cold that day but we all managed to stay warm and enjoy each other's company! It was a very fun day!

The much awaited LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - FINALLY!! We went swimming at Chad and Karyn's house!

Jason and I both got to go on Briarwood Graduates and Career Beach Retreat. Jason was the speaker and we roomed with my friend Julie and her husband. We also ran into Jae there! That was a fun treat!

June 2011

Began with VBS! It was one of the best years in a long long time! Delilah and I (really Delilah) taught all the lessons to every age group. It was so much fun working with her and sharing the gospel to so many kids! HIGHLIGHT!

Mary started DANCE Summer School! She loved it!

We celebrated Father's Day with a cookout at my sister's house! Blessed - MUCH!

And then...I turned 31!

Noah made the All Star team and played the All Star game with a 102 temp because he loves the game that much (they lost - sad!) But we were super proud of him making it that far, and playing so hard not feeling well!! He proved to be a man that day!

We also enjoyed a Batman Party with Ella Kate. We all got to meet Batman! Pretty special!

July 2011

Isaac turned 2 and Jason... well he got a year older. Chad let us party at his house and cooked for us! He's an amazing cook!

We also took a trip to the country! Always a treat!

Anna got to go with Riley to Six Flags. It was an exclusive trip. I heard she was their RADIO all the way there...and all the way home! That girl LOVES to sing. Good thing she had a good time because she probably wont' be invited back. HA!

Jason went to PERU!! We missed him terribly but we survived without him! Not gonna say it was easy or "the best of" but we are so thankful he took that trip with some men from our church and PINK! We were well taken care of and prayed for! The below moment was a WELCOMED one!

Water play day at church! So extremely fun...

And so hot that Liz and I had to take a dip! This was an EXTREMELY FUN DAY!

August 2011

Rickwood Caverns Picnic (one of my all time favorite pictures)
Love this day too!

Kids start back to school at East and Noah to CENTRAL!

Back to school party at the apartments! Lots of fun and games. Good food too!

Also where we picked up our newest family members! And they are still going strong!

September 2011

Yardsale!! I really look forward to this event every year! I racked up on Mindy's old clothes. Not sure why I had to get them at a YARDSALE but that's was my TREASURE this year!

A very happy day for the Dollar's - MOM RETIRED!! YAY!

October 2011

We started October off with a Rush of Fools concert. It was their CD debut concert at Hunterstreet! FUN FUN!

We took the kids to the zoo - it was all decorated for fall so that put us in the Spirit.

While Noah enjoyed a weekend at Rock City with Granny and Grandaddy!

Mary's first dance party! HALLOWEEN! Mrs. Shalita is always the cutest thing!

We had our first annual Halloween trip to Tannehill!

Another favorite: FALL FESTIVAL! The fall festival rocked this year. No one was worked to death and we really had a great time enjoying the festival with our kids!

November 2011
November consisted of my mom's Retreat!

And I'm so glad I went on that trip because after that I took pictures for 12 different families pretty much every weekend and any spare moment. If I wasn't taking pictures we were practicing for Uncle Phil's Diner!

We did celebrate Thanksgiving with my grandmother and my sister was there which is always a treat. Our church also got to host Act of Congress at which point our family fell in love with them. So though I worked and worked and worked in Nov. I still had a great time and felt extremely blessed.

December 2011

FIRST first ever directed play - Uncle Phil's Diner. How I got this many people to participate I'll never know but I love them all SO MUCH!! They made me look SO GOOD!! It was so fun and funny! Each person fit their part to the "T"

Then we went to Noah school to watch him dance the Jingle Bell Rock!

and then to Anna's school to watch her sing a solo! GO ANNA!!

Christmas with Granny is always a BEST OF MOMENT!!

And we finish the year with an 8 year old. If this doesn't prove time flies - I don't know what will!!

It was a Happy 2011 and NOW... we look forward to a HAPPY 2012!!

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