Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Well the fishes came under attack last week! Only one survived the Battle of the Babies! Isaac and Mary decided to feed the fish one day...and that didn't go over too well. They survived a couple of days after but they just couldn't be saved. My personal diagnosis of death was that they OVERATE!!

Last Wednesday (2/25) I cleaned out their bowl trying desparetly (ok not desparately - but attempting) to save them. Here's how it went down. Their bowl was so dirty from the food that was in there you could barely see the fish. So I cleaned the bowl. WASHED the rocks - all of them with dawn, rinsed them and put them in the clean bowl. As I put the water in there about 5 bubbles came up - I had a bad feeling at that point. Maybe the rocks weren't completely rinsed off. And I only had filtered water for about half the bowl. SO, I filled the rest up with tap (2nd mistake). That was about 1 p.m. when I did that by 4 when we got home from school 1 was dead and the next morning the other had died! I was sure Minnie wasn't going to make it either but so far she has survived.

Since Minnie has lived almost a week past dooms day we got her a friend. Darth Vader. My mom took the kids to Petsmart to get some new food for Minnie and some conditioner for the water (since that could have been the cause of death) and while they were there Noah convinced her to get this black goldfish. I didn't think he was cute at all but I think he's starting to grow on me. I like that he is bigger and he just waves his fins so much - he seems active.

Anna said she is "out" - she will not feed or take care of this new fish. She absolutely hates that the others died and does not want to deal with that again. Before we got these fish Jason made a policy that he is done with animals so if we want them we have to take care of them. He refuses to feed, change the water, discard the dead, NOTHING. So Anna said, "I'm with Dad! I'm over taking care of them." So now...it's up to me and Noah.

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Jason said...

You should always add that the reason "I'm out" with animals is because we're raising 4 kids!! I really like animals in the Adam-named-the-animals sense and the Adam-has-dominion-over-the-fish-birds-etc sense. But we have an ark full of monkeys to work on for the time being.