Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Love ringing in the new year with the Hootens. We missed our Santa tradition this year but I was so thankful to spend the new year with the Hootens again. Delilah cooked us a GREAT dinner and the guys talked, the kids played, and Delilah and I had some catching up to do. I LOVE HER!

We put together the Gingerbread Houses, decorated our own first, and then let the kids decorate theirs. We decided that Delilah's house and my house reside in Greystone, then the boys did the next best job on their houses so they live in Trussville, Anna and Hannah's house was good enough to be in Roebuck, and poor Mary's house... ENSLEY!! But she sure had fun decorating hers. And if the "glue" (icing) didn't taste so good she may have had a few more decorations.

Delilah's new toy! It's so pretty too!

Beautiful and YUMMY!

Ian's House







One of my favorite traditions. No fireworks this year! We all had to get in bed so we could make it to church the next day! Thanks Delilah!! You are the BEST!

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