Friday, January 27, 2012

The Greatest Show on Earth

Jason and I took the kids to the circus. I know Anna and Noah has gone before but Anna could not remember. It was the babies first time. Isaac was mesmerized by it when we first got there. He sat on the edge of his seat and just watched without moving much. Anna was scared (she didn't know what to expect) and Mary also enjoyed it. We met some of our friends from church and sat in the absolute NOSEBLEED section. I have to admit I was constantly asking myself if I was ok, am I dizzy, am I scared? It was so hot up there and STRAIGHT UP!! I just would cringe when they would stand up. The rows were so tight. Luckily no one was in front of us, we did have some breathing room.

My all time favorite Circus acts are the Elephants, Tigers, and Motorcycles in the globe. But this year I enjoyed the domestic animals doing tricks. I loved the cats doing their stunts. How do you train a cat?!? I know dogs can be trained - had no idea cats could be - that was interesting - then they also had the farm animals do some tricks. I took a picture for Sue... Maybe Billy can go into the circus. The theme was the dragon so it had a lot of martial arts and mind over matter stuff. There was no trapeze but there was 2 guys who rode their motorcycles on a tightrope. Everything they did was of course amazing. They had girls who hung by their hair and girls in what I call ornaments that hung from the ceiling - they did limber acts.

Anna said, "Even I can't do that!" We were amazed that Elephant could do a handstand!

It was fun!! I really enjoyed seeing the kids enjoy it. I enjoyed being with friends and I enjoyed playing with my camera too!! Fun night

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