Saturday, January 14, 2012

First time for everything!

I have not taken pictures for anyone since Dec. 28th. I had a couple of people lined up for this weekend. As I got my hair done friday night I told Marybeth that I was finally doing pictures this weekend for two of my friends one on Saturday and one on Monday.

ONE OF MY BIGGEST FEARS IS FORGETTING AN APPOINTMENT!! I mean it has been lingering in the back of my mind that sooner or later it was inevitable that I would forget - if you know me. But I've kept a mean calendar lately. I'm learning to stay on top of things but as a mother of 4 - it was bound to happen.

Friday night after I got my haircut we had the Lawrence/Ramos group over because Hazel had been in the hospital all week, I knew they would eat cereal so I made them dinner and hopefully we gave them some comic relief. We had such a great time visiting with them, especially Jasmine since she was leaving Tuesday to go back to school. GREAT TIME. So much fun that I TOTALLY FORGOT about my appointment on Saturday.

They stayed late so Saturday I found myself being SUPER LAZY. Sleeping late, waking up and not even getting out of bed...just turning the TV on and enjoying a movie I have not seen in YEARS (used to be my favorite movie) CLUELESS!! Yes, the movie Clueless. Anna brought me my phone and said... "here it's for you!" It was Brittney - who I was supposed to meet at 11 (and the time was 11:22). I felt HORRIBLE!! She had family in from Montgomery to do a big family picture for her husband's mom. Oops!! I told her - I WILL BE THERE IN 30 mins! Record time getting myself and 4 kids ready!! RECORD TIME! No I was not clean but I tried to cover that part up. Walk outside to find Jason had taken the van to our church work day. NOOOO!!! It was just getting worse and worse. She is one of my favorite (clients/Friends) and I was standing her up! So she told her husband to come get me. So him and his brother in law come get me. I failed to mention I had the 4 kids so we all pile in the back seat of a little Honda (that's 5 of us in the back seat of an accord or something - CAR not VAN!). And you may think, well things like that happen. Ok you had to ride 30 miles cramed in the back of a compact car. Yea, well, the 2 guys that picked us up - BOTH POLICE OFFICERS!! Only me!! ONLY ME!! It was like a clown car when we arrived. Jason met us over there because the church is right next to this place.

LUCKILY Brittney has forgiven me and her patience and love overwhelmed me when I felt like a piece of crap!! I felt horrible about forgetting. HOW COULD I FORGET!! But if it had to happen I'm so thankful it happened to someone who loves me so far - unconditionally. I'm testing that unconditional part...but so far - we are good. We got some really cute shots and everyone got to visit and catch up until I arrived.


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