Tuesday, January 3, 2012

12 in 12

12 things I want to accomplish in 2012

1. Read scripture & PRAY more. I'm ashamed to say that of all my years being a Christian I still have not mastered this yet!! Lord, help me!

2. Go on more dates with my husband. Spend quality time with him - I'm sure he will appreciate that resolution!! HA!

3. Spend quality time with my kids. Spend time with all of them ONE at a time and make sure they know I love them and they are my blessing!

4. Spend time with extended family (parents & siblings). Looking forward to this summer when I will become an aunt again to a baby GIRL - Vivan James!!

5. Make my house a home! I want that cozy home feel. We weren't sure if we were staying or going but I think we may be staying so I'm gonna work on making it cozy. I'm a terrible decorator but I'm gonna give it a shot (as money allows of course).

6. Learn more about photography. HOPEFULLY master some inside pictures. I may venture into a wedding. MAYBE!!

7. Take more pictures of MY KIDS and family!

8. Take a family trip. I don't care where!

9. Continue to blog more as a way to journal - for the sake of memories!

10. Sing more!

11. Enjoy my girlfriends.

12. I'm gonna say it...LOSE 20 POUNDS!! I hope this is the year I can do it.

Here's to 2012..

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