Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Well the fishes came under attack last week! Only one survived the Battle of the Babies! Isaac and Mary decided to feed the fish one day...and that didn't go over too well. They survived a couple of days after but they just couldn't be saved. My personal diagnosis of death was that they OVERATE!!

Last Wednesday (2/25) I cleaned out their bowl trying desparetly (ok not desparately - but attempting) to save them. Here's how it went down. Their bowl was so dirty from the food that was in there you could barely see the fish. So I cleaned the bowl. WASHED the rocks - all of them with dawn, rinsed them and put them in the clean bowl. As I put the water in there about 5 bubbles came up - I had a bad feeling at that point. Maybe the rocks weren't completely rinsed off. And I only had filtered water for about half the bowl. SO, I filled the rest up with tap (2nd mistake). That was about 1 p.m. when I did that by 4 when we got home from school 1 was dead and the next morning the other had died! I was sure Minnie wasn't going to make it either but so far she has survived.

Since Minnie has lived almost a week past dooms day we got her a friend. Darth Vader. My mom took the kids to Petsmart to get some new food for Minnie and some conditioner for the water (since that could have been the cause of death) and while they were there Noah convinced her to get this black goldfish. I didn't think he was cute at all but I think he's starting to grow on me. I like that he is bigger and he just waves his fins so much - he seems active.

Anna said she is "out" - she will not feed or take care of this new fish. She absolutely hates that the others died and does not want to deal with that again. Before we got these fish Jason made a policy that he is done with animals so if we want them we have to take care of them. He refuses to feed, change the water, discard the dead, NOTHING. So Anna said, "I'm with Dad! I'm over taking care of them." So now...it's up to me and Noah.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Greatest Show on Earth

Jason and I took the kids to the circus. I know Anna and Noah has gone before but Anna could not remember. It was the babies first time. Isaac was mesmerized by it when we first got there. He sat on the edge of his seat and just watched without moving much. Anna was scared (she didn't know what to expect) and Mary also enjoyed it. We met some of our friends from church and sat in the absolute NOSEBLEED section. I have to admit I was constantly asking myself if I was ok, am I dizzy, am I scared? It was so hot up there and STRAIGHT UP!! I just would cringe when they would stand up. The rows were so tight. Luckily no one was in front of us, we did have some breathing room.

My all time favorite Circus acts are the Elephants, Tigers, and Motorcycles in the globe. But this year I enjoyed the domestic animals doing tricks. I loved the cats doing their stunts. How do you train a cat?!? I know dogs can be trained - had no idea cats could be - that was interesting - then they also had the farm animals do some tricks. I took a picture for Sue... Maybe Billy can go into the circus. The theme was the dragon so it had a lot of martial arts and mind over matter stuff. There was no trapeze but there was 2 guys who rode their motorcycles on a tightrope. Everything they did was of course amazing. They had girls who hung by their hair and girls in what I call ornaments that hung from the ceiling - they did limber acts.

Anna said, "Even I can't do that!" We were amazed that Elephant could do a handstand!

It was fun!! I really enjoyed seeing the kids enjoy it. I enjoyed being with friends and I enjoyed playing with my camera too!! Fun night

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Early Monday morning tornado's ripped through our town again! They actually hit in Centerpoint (where we used to live) and Clay, Trussville, Argo area. Once again we knew people by name affected by the storms.

Wednesday Jason was asked to speak at a prayer service. Rush of Fools lead worship, James Spann spoke and gave a great sermon! Y'all like his weather - You'll really like his preaching! He just won me over with his heart for the Lord and the love of his job. He just shared very openly and with raw emotions concerning the storms and previous storms. He taught about when Jesus came to Peter during a storm and Peter eventually walking on water. He stressed the point that Jesus wants us to "NOT BE AFRAID" and we also much come out of our comfort zone and trust him. It was just really really good.

And what made it even better was Jason (my very own Jason) followed him up and spoke about not understanding God's will in storms but trusting the Lord. He spoke from Job. It was a very encouraging night. We were able to come together with many people and pray for those affected. It was just a sweet time before the Lord.

Thank you Kevin for inviting us out! Though not directly affected by the storms on Monday I was very encouraged by the messages! It was so nice to take time out of our schedule and go before the Lord on behalf of our friends. May the Lord do great and mighty things through this storm.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Slumber Party

Riley and Anna's birthdays are 13 days apart and since Anna seems to get overlooked because of Christmas Shea invited us to Party with Riley. We had so much fun. We took over the youth room downstairs and transformed it into a SLUMBER PARTY! We had food, snacks, drinks, movies, MAKEUP, dancing, talking, laughing, story telling - ALL THINGS GIRLY!!

I'm still recovering. I love the little girls at our church - they are the sweetest, cutest, funniest things. What a blessing to have such sweet friends as a child. I'm loving the moms too. We had fun chatting and I entertained everyone with my dancing skills. I'm pretty sure I burned off all the cake I ate.

Happy Birthday Girls!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Market Day Two

Well, another Market Day is in the books. After we did magnets a few months back I was all out of ideas. So I PROCASTINATED!!! That just so happened to be one of Anna's spelling words.

This time we made Candy Necklaces from here. I was not sure how they would turn out! I also got an email from the teacher saying there would be 80 kids coming through the market so at least have 40 of whatever we made to sell.

I failed to mention we started this project at 6 p.m. the night before. After I got off work I had to pick up Anna and we had to go to the store and get the supplies. Then we came home ate dinner and then as a family we started this project. I thought it would get done faster if we all worked together but really when Anna and I did the project alone (because at one point we ran out of ribbon and Jason had to go get some) we knocked it out fast. It was super easy after we got the hang of it.

They ended up being super cute and she sold out of them!! YAY!! Anna had said that her teacher was worried she was not going to get done with this project. Her teacher even offered to call or email me to let me know it was important for her to have. But Anna said, "NO, my mom knows. We will do it." So, she was able to tell Mrs. Pearson Friday that her mom "was the best procrastinator in the world." - She agreed I had skills.

Another one is in the books. Now for the next one...who knows what we'll do!!