Monday, September 26, 2011

iheartfaces photochallenge: People's Choice

Aiden enjoying some CHOCOLATE at our Water Play Day, July 23rd, 2011.
This kid not only can melt chocolate but he can pretty much melt my heart!!

This week we are the voters!
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Photoshoot & a Date!

My cousins Josh (and Shannon) and Nate (and Jamie) live out in Springville/Argo area. A couple from their church wanted me to take pictures of their family! They wanted to take pictures where I took Josh and Shannon's at the very beginning of summer. Which is a beautiful place out in Argo with a little pond ... here are their pictures. Loved this place! When we went with JandS we didn't meet anyone - I didn't even see a house when we went. This time the Chaver's took us to the house. We got to meet the Lambert's who so graciously let us roam their land on a golf cart picking anywhere we wanted for a picture! SO FUN! I had no plan...I was just stopping and going the whole time! My only regret...ONLY was starting so early...which was partly my fault. I thought for sure we could find some shade but the pictures turned out great considering just how bright and beautiful it was outside. And get this...The Lambert's said I was welcome back anytime...NICEST PEOPLE!! And, another plus...he's a retired we got to chat about cameras, lens, lighting, all things lovely!!

So thank you so much Ken Lambert... You are super nice to us strangers! And, thank you Chaver's for asking me to take pictures of your beautiful family...I can't get enough of those red head girls with bright blue eyes - just BEAUTIFUL!! AND, thank you Josh and Shannon and Jamie and Nate for always throwing my name out there as a "photographer" - we all know the true story!

And as if that wasn't fun enough. Jason and I roaming land with a bunch of strangers on a beautiful day with perfect weather...

we got to go on a DATE afterwards! We enjoyed a NICE QUIET evening at OUTBACK where we stuffed ourselves - but it was worth it... and it was protein, so I justify!

Thank you Matt for babysitting the kids! You did a great job, props to you for putting Isaac to bed! I was super impressed... and as long as you don't tell Rey (& Crystal)...They thought you were funner.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Change Your Ways!

I promise you if Mary doesn't change her ways...

this WILL be her CAR!

This is a REAL CAR I saw at Target the other day and the only thing I could think was: there is a possibility Mary will not out grow her love for stickers!! HELP!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh, Thursday Funday, HOW I LOVE YOU!

Thursday's are ALWAYS fun to me if I'm at work and Julie is with me! We have a Thursday lunch we go to every Thursday and we share lots of laughs and generally just have a great time OUT OF THE OFFICE! Great little get away.

Julie and I are taking active steps to becoming thinner and healthier. I've been walking on the elliptical everyday this month (only missing 4 days I think). It's been fun. I watch 2 episodes of the office on Netflix and walk away! I've seen some progress - 3 pounds gone an at least an inch maybe 2 (I haven't measured again lately). It's been a nice September Challenge.

So, Thursday we headed to lunch and while looking for an up close parking space I told Julie we should park in the very back of the parking lot and EXCERCISE! She, taking me seriously, did it!! Yes, we were the only one parked out as far as one could park! That T-TINY silver car in the back of the picture! That's us!

And, that's me LOVING IT!!
Making real lasting changes in my everyday healthier lifestyle. Should I tell you we were headed to Mellow Mushroom? Nah...

My favorite part of Funday Thursday this week was meeting up with Julie at Publix and doing our Emealz shopping together! That may have to become a tradition!!

Another Funday Thursday in the history books!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

iheartfaces photo challenge : A Touch of Sun

My sweet friend Jae waiting on her SONS!
She was getting more than a touch of son...
she was getting the blessing of 2 - Lucky you Jae!!

This is as close as I got to a touch of sun... haven't perfected the sun in my pictures. But I wanted to stick with the challenges! It's a learning experience.

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Monday, September 19, 2011


Today Jason and I met with Noah's teacher. Noah has made me so proud. He just loves his school so much and his teacher Mrs. Penaskovic is PERFECT for him. She is very nice, loves teaching, she is very attentive to her students and their needs. She had all great things to say about him. She said he is doing very well in school and that just makes me so proud. We talked about other conferences we had had with other teachers and the things we needed to work on with him and he has made such great improvements.

She said he is adjusting so well and choosing "good" friends. We once again got the compliments about how nice and polite he is, how he is really just an all around good kid! I LOVE HEARING that from teachers. That has been a running theme so far through his years of school. Just makes me so proud. But before you think I'm bragging about my parenting skills... it has nothing to do with me...It's just him, he has a great heart! Trust me - I have other kids that are not like him!! I don't get those same compliments, ahem, her name is Anna! Who today is in trouble at school for yelling in the hall. And who is constantly getting her bones, pins, smiley faces, whatever moved around and changed. ha!! LOVE THAT BALL OF ENERGY TOO!!

But back to Noah!

Noah you just have made me so proud. I'm so proud of you and I know you are working so hard, and I also know you really don't want to do all that is required of you in school, you would rather be outside playing with your friends, riding your skateboard, or yo-yoing but you are working hard and I notice it's "work" - I'm very proud of you!! I love you and I thank the Lord for you and all that he is teaching me through you!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Drama Revealed!!

Tonight we "revealed" this year's drama. It's "Christmas at Uncle Phil's Diner: No Room at the Diner." I'm so excited! I did have a panic attack about 2 weeks ago when I thought we just couldn't do this if I was gonna be in charge. And, that is why I love the one and only Sandra Muir who lovingly - VERY LOVINGLY told me she believed in me and the cast was perfect!

Of course, I want everyone to like the drama but the response I got last night was so encouraging. You see, there is some background information I need to share. Sandra Muir has been the Drama director for years. No one tells her "NO" and she is all business. Well, she really wanted to quit last year but I told her I would help her if she just WOULD NOT QUIT - so she gave me plays to pick from, she let me cast the thing but when it came to practices she was all boss! And we LOVE her. So, this year she said I had to do it or there would be no drama! And then everyone said, "we have to have a drama!" Trust me I tried to say we weren't gonna do anything. So once again, these people have pushed me out of my little box of being a follower and making me be a leader. THANKFULLY my cast is very fun loving and ready to have a good time.

So, back to the point. I was panicked because this year we are doing a Dinner Theater with lots of audience interaction. I was scared I would get the, "We've never done this thing before," "Not sure how this is gonna work," "I don't want to participate" - and much to my dismay...I GOT NONE OF THAT!! Everyone was up for the challenge. Everyone, as far as I could tell, liked their parts and they are already thinking of ways to become their character. Ahhh.... warm my heart!! I love my cast - I can't wait to see what they come up with. I did have 1 NO (out of about 20 people)... From Tanner McGinnis and I promise - he WILL regret it!! We already recasted him - that fast!! See, AMAZING PEOPLE! Tanner...YOU WILL REGRET!!! HA HA HA!

I do want to thank them all for being so supportive, encouraging, and cheering me on to excellence. It's so weird for me to be leading something... So, here we go on another GREAT adventure...

REY, I do want a promotional video!

And my friends far and near... You will all be invited to the Diner, Dec. 18th.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I thought this day would never come!

HONESTLY!! I thought the girl would NEVER stop! My mom FINALLY retired. Not by choice but the Lord has been so gracious to her! I'm so proud of what a hard worker she is! When she was 17 my grandmother signed for her to get a job with South Central Bell in Atlanta (I'm pretty sure that is one of my grandmother's favorite stories) and since 1969 she has been employed with the same company. She doesn't like change either, see where I get it from. She was working towards staying until she was 62 ... which was about 2 years from now. But, they are closing her department and it all worked out to where she will basically get the same pay until she is 62 at which point she can draw social security and such! THAT.IS.AMAZING!! I can just see God's hand all in this. Bellsouth was a GREAT company for mom but when AT&T bought them they have closed several offices and have worked everyone to death with mandatory overtime. It was such long days and even weekends! It got to the point where she couldn't be off when she wanted too and it definitely wasn't as flexible as it once was. She was constantly exhausted and it was just ridiculous. Several times she said, "I just could not have done this (overtime) if y'all were still little." So there again the Lord was gracious. And I promise you she thought it was some kind of competition. I think had the place not shut down she would have made it to 62 and then said, "I'm gonna see just how many years of service I can get!" I can hear it now. "I'm 62 years one is gonna tell ME when to retire!" LOVE MY MOM!!

Mom, I'm super proud of you! Thank you for all you have done for us. I'm thankful you've had such a steady and secure job all these years (those are hard to find these days). A job on most days you enjoyed going to... You taught me there is more to work than the WORK, it's the people and relationships - spending time with the people the Lord has placed around you. Most definitely you've taught me to make the most of every situation!!! You just make me so proud. I hope you enjoy your days off. If you ever want to get away from Dad you just come over to my house and play with us! And, I'm sure Silena will take you in when you get tired of us! We know how to wear a person DOWN! I'm so excited to see you get involved with Bible studies and planning your retreat and helping Dad babysit. You won't know how you ever worked. It's YOUR time mom!! LIVE IT UP!! Love you so much!!!!!! YOU.ARE.THE.BEST!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

iheartfaces photo challenge : Back to School

Back to school Challenge - had to post the kids going to their new school! Oh the uncertainties!! But it was WONDERFUL!

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Sunday, September 11, 2011


If you know my kids this is a MUST see!!! Jason and I got to go out on a date with Craig and Mary a couple of weeks ago. SPONTANEOUS...LAST MINUTE...NEEDED A BABYSITTER! I called Rey and Crystal just hoping they could do it - I knew Crystal wasn't going to be too excited about it if Rey didn't come so thankfully he agreed. And while we were out with Craig and Mary we were having such a great time but we were kinda worried (not about the kids) but that Rey and Crystal were spending the Friday night "babysitting" - boo!! We were thinking what a bummer...but then they showed me this!!

No more worries!! They apparently "got this" and were just fine! And this is why we love Rey and Crystal!! Thanks for loving our kids guys! You are such good friends! We love ya so much!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


It's that time of year again, but a little later this time (ha)! Our church had another Yardsale - this time proceeds go to paying off the gym. We always have such a great time and we are always surprised at all the stuff we can come up with! I think our total this year was around $2000. And I found this... I got 4 new dresses and a pair of shoes courtesy of MINDY!! HELLO... Why were they in the church yardsale and not already hanging in my closet?!? MINDY!!! Write it down... Your "old" stuff belongs to me!! Anyway, love, love, love!!

Then after all that! Shea and I took the girls to the fabric store to buy fabric for blankets. Riley wanted me to make one - it's gonna be a while. I have Asher's but I need to make Addy's and now Riley wants one and Anna wants one that matches Riley's (what have I gotten myself into). While we waited to have our fabric cut we played in all the Halloween stuff! SO MUCH FUN! It's such a GREAT time of the year! I still have no idea what to be...but I'm on the lookout!

Then we headed to the Galleria for dinner! We had so much fun chatting and eating - then we topped the night off with injuries!! Shea fell in some water in the food court. I totally missed it. Glad I did, I probably would have cried! She was so graceful. THEN, there was a Kiosk with all the sunglasses on sale for $5 - I wanted a pair and I tried on several and then I poked my eye with a tag that was on a pair of sunglasses. OUCH!! It wasn't just, I poked my eye, it was a for real injury!! I got a paper cut on my eye! So, now my eye is hurting and watering. It really is amazing how sensitive eyes are!!

Thanks Shea for such a fun and painful outing...Also, left without a pair of sunglasses...BOO!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Well, Hurricane Lee has come through this week! It was so fun at first because it was rainy and it was Labor Day so we got to sleep late and enjoy the inside! It was such a restful day. We slept late, took naps, watched tv, and just plain HUNG OUT! Mom and Dad came over Monday night because their power had gone out. Now, I had no idea it was that bad. They weren't at our house for an hour before ours went out! BUMMER!! I really hate when the power goes out but I tried my hardest to enjoy it. It just makes me so thankful for the time we live in. It's amazing how crippled we become when the power goes off. HOW DID THEY DO IT IN THE OLDEN DAYS?!? HOW?!? Anyway, we were SUPER thankful for the cooler temperatures. We opened the windows and went to sleep to the sound of wind and rain. One thing I miss about living in a house is the RAIN! It seems I never hear it. Sad.

Tuesday all the schools were closed (except Vestavia) so Noah and Anna headed to school and we were still powerless. Briarwood was closed because they didn't have power either. So Jason and I made the most of the day together. We went to lunch together with the babies (with the giftcard I won for my HulaHooping skills) and then took them to see Kung Fu Panda 2. It meant so much to me that Jason spent the day with us. He is always so busy and it was nice just to hang out with him and the babies.

When we got home...POWER!! And all was well in the world again!!