Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kids School Christmas Program

The day of School Christmas Programs

Noah has spotted us! He told us to sit on the left side of they gym. After Noah and Jason had a conversation about your left when your up on stage or our left out in the audience...I had a bad feeling we were sitting on the wrong side. And we were. He was right. Sit on our left!! But we still got to see him sing and dance.

Noah talked to his friend more than he sang!

Uh oh! Move it Noah! His class sang and danced to Jingle Bell Rock.

Twist it

The kids were all so cute. They sang really good and each class got a chance to dance to one Christmas Songs. It was really really cute. After Noah's performance we headed over to Anna's. They sang Christmas songs and played instruments.

Anna played the Triangle.

AND...SANG A SOLO! She was amazing and made me so proud.

"And they fed them with barley and fed them with corn so they'd be nice and fat for their feast Christmas morn"

She rocked it!

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