Monday, December 5, 2011

DRAMA - Uncle Phil's Diner

This year I took on directing the Christmas Play (not by choice). Our amazing director Sandra Muir was taking a sabbatical. I'm hoping she will come back this year. Here is what I found out... my favorite part of "directing" is finding a play and casting the play. Beyond that - I'm not the best one for the job. I'm not a leader so it was a learning experience for sure. I hate making decisions so as you can see this directing thing was a struggle. But you know what I surrounded my self with decision makers and real go getters - amazing encouragers, and many friends to make sure I had my list and was checking it twice. I think this was one of the hardest and funnest things I've done. I'm not gonna lie - there were times I just knew I was not the right person for the job and wanted to quit. Only Jason really heard those moments and he was always so sweet to encourage me to stick with it and learn from this experience.

We did Uncle Phil's Diner: No Room at the Diner. I don't know what I was thinking when I casted over 25 people. The fact that over 25 people dedicated themselves to this production was amazing and then to have close to 200 people come to the dinner to see the play was even more encouraging.

We had a dress rehearsal with a few friends Friday night and I honestly thought this was the biggest mistake of picking a play. It was NOT a good performance and it went WAY long. I was officially regretting the play pick. But Sunday we practiced all day and they BROUGHT it! It was so fun. The place was packed and everyone did AMAZING and it seemed everyone was having a good time.

Thank you Thank you Thank you... Jake, Jeremy, Sue, Sherry, Kim, Brad, Lori, Crystal, Wendy, Judy, Matt, Rose, Adam, Norm, Taylor, Rey, Delilah, Shea, Jason Roberts, Mindy, Erin, Victoria, Becky, Jason Gamble, Jason Dollar, Holly Rose, Ian, Anna, Grace, Hannah, Peyton, Carson, Noah, Riley, Morgan, & McKenna - Y'all made this happen. Each one of you became your character and owned it!! I love you all so much! Thank you for your participation and encouragement! It was fun! Now let's celebrate Christmas!

Uncle Phil & PJ the DJ

Flodene and her new trainee Violet

Bunny Sue & Midge (GOOOOO EVERGREEN!)

Gertie with her love Wally and Gertie with her friend Agnes!

Glenda Mae & Brenda Mae with Carla (future Pink Lady)

Yo yo yo Tony with Billy Mayfield and VOTE FOR RICHIE

Janice lovin' the contemporary music with Billy Mayfield

Our hostess Hazel with Phil's Mom the fruitcake maker
Jimmy Knight... the undiscovered movie star
Scoop - PRESS
Vote for Natalie

The more the merrier is what she always says!

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