Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas with Granny

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Christmas with Granny ... where everyone leaves HAPPY!! She is the true Santa.

This year was the year of the Beyblade. Will brought his stadium and a few blades and the boys got some for Christmas. So, that kept them busy and out of trouble (for a while)!

It was also the year of the Santa hats! Everyone had one and everyone had to wear it.

This year:

Noah got Beyblades from Will & Candy and the Winter Diary of a Wimpy Kid book from Turner and Cole. Granny got him a remote control Monkey that talks and makes noises (weird...but due to the Monkeyman movies she thought Rey could use it - ha!) and his big gift from Granny was a NEW SKATEBOARD!! He loves it and has scuffed it up already - that means he loves it!

Anna got a Moxie Doll that you can color and make it 3D from Francie and some "makeup" (lipgloss) and fingernails from Cole and Turner. Mom got her a Boogie board - it's like a little tablet to write notes on it reminds me of the magnetic thing we had we were little, where you pull the paper up to ease... kinda like that but digital. Pretty cool. She also got a ds wappy dog.

Mary got Tangled Jewelry from Francie and a bath set from Cole and Turner. Mom got her a DS pink and a the Lalaloopsy DS game. She loves it - she got her very own. She had been using Anna's which was causing some problems here!

Isaac got a Diesel train from Will and a Hot Wheels bath set from Cole and Turner. Mom got him take along Thomas Goldmine and Tidmonds Shed. He was in TRAIN HEAVEN!

Jason got a billed toboggan and a BUNCH of gift cards to some pretty sweet places.

I got DVD players for the CAR! Yes, I'm officially a mom - I got my minivan and DVD players. I also got a Swarkski Crystal ornament - which is BEAUTIFUL and some bath and body works shower gel and lotion. SCORE!

Thanks mom! You always get us exactly what we want. You are the BEST Santa ever!! I love you and Dad so much!! We had a really good time!

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