Sunday, December 11, 2011

Choir & Carroling then SANTA

As you read in Uncle Phil's Diner post this year I asked 25 plus people to be in the Christmas Drama. I begged some of them to overcome their fear and step out of their box and just have fun. So, I thought I would do the same thing when asked if I would sing a duet with Jason in the Christmas musical. I wanted so desperately to no, but I know how it feels to see potential in someone and ask them to do something they don't want to do but you know they can and would do great at. SO, when Sherry asked ... I had to say ok. I also burned "can't" at the women's retreat - so that was just another reason why I couldn't say no. I really really really want to over come my fear of public singing. It is something that is very debilitating to me (I had an experience as I child and since then the fear is so overwhelming it just cripples me literally). But I've been wanting to overcome it for a while and this year was the first time I really faced the fear and dealt with it. With lots of prayer, support from Jason and Sherry, cheers from the choir, and a double dose of medicine... I DID IT. And it was fun. It wasn't perfect but it was great to go with it and have fun. Nervous, absolutely but it wasn't debilitating. I was more nervous days leading up to the song then that day and singing it. So, thank you Sherry for making face my fear. You are so sweet and encouraging and have a way with people that is so gentle. I love your sweet smile and the fact that you believed in me. THANK YOU, sincerely!! THANK YOU!

A HUGE WEIGHT was lifted after that morning service. After church we went to lunch and then I spent the afternoon taking pictures. Here is a couple... I have to say, I had a great time even though some of the subjects were super grumpy!! Ha!

Roberts/Diben Group - GRUMPS!!

I did get some good ones but those are a surprise for their grandmother.

McKay/Dilmore Family
One of my favorite Christmas traditions is caroling at Plantation Manor. We had such a big group this year (which just makes my heart happy) we split up into 2 groups. So I didn't get pictures of everyone (and that mad me sad). But it was fun walking the halls singing, laughing, and experiencing Christmas. They say we bless them...but the people of Plantation Manor bless us!!

After caroling we headed back to the church and enjoyed a GREAT dinner. So much good food! And then, SANTA came to town. And all the kids got to sit on his lap and tell him what he wanted for Christmas. It's always so exciting when Santa comes to town!!

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