Monday, December 19, 2011

Anna's Reading Theater

Anna asked us for several days to come to her school because her class was putting on a "Reading Theater." I wasn't planning on going and I thought that it was just going to be the kids taking turns reading Christmas stories. I had already gone once to hear Anna read her favorite Christmas story (Mrs. Wishy Washy Christmas) so I thought I had done my good parent duty. BUT, that morning Anna said, "Mom, I really want you to come, I have a special part, and I really think you will like it." OK OK OK!! I'll go! So, I went. To say I was blessed was an understatement. We are now in public school but in Pearson's 2nd grade classroom the gospel was preached by more than my little Anna. Five of Anna's classmates were chosen to read their "Spirit of Christmas" paper they had written (Anna was one of them). It was a little skit where the mayor of the town was looking for the true meaning of Christmas. He was confronted with a store owner who thought it was the toys, a home owner who had the best lights in town, and then a little girl introduced the 5 kids who had found the Spirit of Christmas. As I sat there my eyes welled up with tears and I literally had chill bumps the whole time. Every child expressed that Christmas with their family but most of them said the spirit of Christmas was found in the Birth of Baby Jesus. It was so meaningful to me because it wasn't expected! It was beautiful. It's horrible to say but at a Christian school of course they are taught about the true meaning of Christmas and you wonder whether they get it and they encourage one another with the truth but to hear Anna share the gospel with the kids in her public school class and the parents who attended gave me so much joy. Maybe, just maybe someone believed because the 5 kids expressed the reason why Jesus came on Christmas Day. Thank you Mrs. Pearson for allowing the children to share the true meaning of Christmas. You have truly been a blessing to us this year.

"The Spirit of Christmas!"

by: Anna Noel Dollar

I think Christmas is about the story of Jesus's birth. Mary and Joseph were his earthly parents and God was his heavenly father. He was born in King David's home town or Bethlehem.
My family celebrates Christmas by waking up my parents and not looking at the gifts as we walk by. When there awake we run to the Christmas tree and open presents. When were done we go to maw maw and papa's house. We get 1 or 2 presents. But also on the 17th or 16th I have my early party (My bday is Christmas Eve). And the 21st I go to my Granny and Grandaddy's and we have Christmas diner and get 2 or 4 gifts.

i love her!

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Silena Cvacho said...

I love it!! I always love their school work!! :). I still miss Anna and Noah at christian school! It sounds like they are in a very special place though!