Friday, December 23, 2011

Anna's Birthday Celebration

It's hard to have a Birthday on Christmas Eve. Parties are pretty much out of the picture. It's so hard to get a party going with all the other Christmas gatherings going on. But Anna is a trooper and she likes having a girl day!

Thursday we had Riley come spend the night. Which was fun b/c she brought her parents over for a little while. We had pizza and chatted while the kids went to play. They all get along so well. We had a spend the night party in the living room and Riley was first to crash! EARLY too, by 9:30 she was asleep and snoring.

At 3 am Anna woke us up crying because her ear was hurting. She pretty much got NO SLEEP and in the morning as soon as the Doctor opened she was there. Inner Ear Infection!! She was in severe pain but wanted to still celebrate! So we got her meds going and we had to keep them going every three hours. It was like clock work. She was fine and then 3 hours later she was in tears because of the pain. She was such a trooper and so was Riley. We still had fun. I hate that she was in pain.

We went to the Dollar store and got snacks for the movie. Then we headed to Johnny Rockets and visited with Cassie! Then to the movie to see Chipwrecked. It was so cute and the girls loved it. Then we went to get our toes done! It was a treat!

Ready to fill up our BUCKET one last time!

We got to sit at the BAR at Johnny Rockets! That was fun!

Should I mention that Anna's toes were messed up by the time we left Riley's house!?! Oh well, it was fun getting them done!

Then on her Birthday Pop & Mawmaw came over to celebrate her birthday and do Christmas. They brought a cake so we loaded it up with candles.

Happy Birthday SWEET ANNA! We love celebrating YOU!

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