Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2012

6:30 a.m came way too early. I love going to Church on Christmas Day but this year we weren't woken up by the kids but by the alarm clock, so I did miss their excitement! We had to wake the kids up - which meant some of them were not happy, ahem Isaac, who we had to convince to open his presents by giving him Skittles.

Jason read them the Christmas Story so we could remember why we were even giving gifts. They sat and listened occasionally glancing to their gifts and also waking up! They each found their little "spot" of presents and with excitement began to open.

Noah got: A ripstick, Beyblade Stadium, Beyblades (all different kinds), leggos, Smurfs & Yogi Bear movies, Boots, Shaun White Skateboarding Wii game & Tron Wii game, Ripley's Believe it or Not book, Microscope and microscope slides.

Anna got: Pottery Wheel, Toy Story Barbies, Barbies that care for Dogs, Barbie Vet bag, Silly Hair Lalaloopsy, Boots, Judy Moody & the Not so Bummer Summer movie & Snowbuddies Movie, Barbie Fashion Pup Wii game & Chipwrecked Wii game, Clarice Bean book set, Bizu bracelet holder and beads, Karoke machine and CDS,

Mary got: Minnie shopping cart, a mini lalaloopsy, Lalaloopsy magnets, and Bea's little sister Lalaloopsy, a Lalaloopsy sleeping bag, Tangled Wii game, Gnomeo & Juliet, laptop, Minnie Backpack, DS Holder (minnie mouse), Princess dress up clothes and shoes, Princess book, My Little Pony that walks, & a remote control My Little Pony

Isaac got: a Thomas the Train trike, Thomas Misty Island, Bash & Dash & Spencer, Diego Animal Rescue wii game, Tools, Thomas book set and Thomas book, Cars 2, Diego Rescue Pack, Follow me Thomas,

Jason got: a mug that says "Worlds Greatest DAD!" and has pictures of the kids on it, A collection of Starbucks Christmas Coffees, a mouse pad, a calendar, holiday assorted nuts, jeans and a shirt, & 2 canvas prints of our family.

I got: A NEW CAMERA BAG! It's beautiful. A necklace from JJ Heller it says "You make me believe in love" - it's one of my favorite songs - it also is beautiful, an electric razor (thinking about shaving more this winter - ha), Meet the Browns - Season 1-4, (that was a long awaited gift), I also got a Christmas Story, a scarf from a Dirty Santa party Jason went to (it's pretty), and calendar with pictures of our family.

Then off to church we went. I loved seeing and worshiping with all our friends on Christmas day. It was such a special tone and mood. It was beautiful. And to top it all off Peggy Johnston sang O Holy Night and I wondered just how long you could sit with chill bumps before something strange happened to your body. Eventually my eyes just filled with tears, to say it was beautiful feels like an understatement. There was no nursery, the music kept the kids attention, but I vaguely remembered what Jason preached about while I wrestled with the kids! I am so thankful that music can lead you to worship just like a sermon can - so I still felt blessed. We also took the Lord's Supper which is so special. We wished all our friends a Merry Christmas and headed off to my Grandmother's house to spend Christmas with my family. I love that tradition more than words can say!

My grandmother seemed to be doing really well this year. I love seeing her and spending time with her. She is such a precious gift from the Lord. We also visited with my sister and some of my cousins. I haven't seen my sister much the past couple of months so it was so fun to sit and chat with her! We also enjoyed the FOOD! It was especially good, AND once more - I packed on a few more pounds. Too bad we don't hibernate! I think I could!

Every year, even since I was little we have read about the Christmas story and the great story of salvation. My grandfather puts together a 12 page paper that we all take turns reading - every year. It such a sweet thing to watch our kids participate and knowing that Noah and Anna will have the same memory I do.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Anna

It's so extremely hard to believe that our little Anna Noel is 8! She just keeps getting older, spunkier, prettier, funner, sweeter, clever-er, & lovelier! She remains the life of our party! You are dearly loved our sweet Christmas Present!

After all the celebrating of Anna it's FINALLY CHRISTMAS!! The kids were so ready for Christmas this year. Jason's parents came down Christmas day to celebrate Anna and to do Christmas with us. They got us a TV! So we spent the day with them and putting the TV together then watching it a little. My parents came over Christmas Eve night to give Anna her Birthday Present - that dog in the picture and give their Christmas Eve PJs. (On a side note I'm sad I didn't have my flash b/c I ended up not liking my pictures this year - better luck next year.)

Getting their pictures is one of the hardest things to do and I didn't have my flash so it was already a challenge. But this is real life.

Anna being SILLY!
Mary being SAD!
Isaac watching the LEG LAMP on TV! He just can't take his eyes off it.
And this is what I got when I convinced him to look at me!

And Noah somehow got out of getting his picture made! STINKER!

It really didn't feel like Christmas Eve this year! Not sure why. But as I was putting the kids to bed I asked Noah, "Does it feel like Christmas Eve to you?" And he said, "NO! Not really!" They didn't act like it either. They all went right to sleep. No fear of waking anyone up when I was banging around trying to get the presents inside to wrap. They were SOUND ASLEEP!

I was so thankful that Jason helped me wrap presents this year. With 4 kids the gifts can rack up. I love Christmas. I probably buy the kids too much, but my parents always made Christmas so magical and I want to do the same. I'm not as good as my mom - but I give it my best shot. With all the picture taking I was able to buy all the kids presents without really taking any money from our account. It is the greatest feeling not going into debt! GREATEST! So I have no regrets!
Mary's Spot

Noah's Spot

Isaac's Spot

Anna's Spot

Santa did have a sleigh incident though. A couple of present fell off the sleigh - 2 of everyone's! We were storing our presents at my friend Julie's house and before they left to go out of town I went over to her house and gathered all our stuff. EXCEPT I left out Anna's pottery wheel (which she said was the ONLY THING SHE WANTED), a Toy Story Barbie set, Isaac's Diego backpack, and a Thomas book. Nothing was as important as that Pottery Wheel. All I could think of was Anna saying. "Mom, I'll give everything back just to have that Pottery Wheel" - that was just days before Christmas. Sometimes I forget she's a drama queen. I tried to go to Toys R Us but they were closed. I was just going to buy it again and then return the ones Julie had. So, I came up with a plan to hold out 2 of everyone's gifts and we would do Christmas again when Santa got his sleigh turned around. So I warned the kids before they opened their presents. Because, I know Anna, and I know she would have been upset.

So Jason and I continued to wrap presents and finally got in bed around 1:30 a.m. - only to have to wake up by 6:30 am to get presents opened, somewhat enjoyed, and ready for church and Huntsville.

All was right in the world by 1:30 a.m.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Anna's Birthday Celebration

It's hard to have a Birthday on Christmas Eve. Parties are pretty much out of the picture. It's so hard to get a party going with all the other Christmas gatherings going on. But Anna is a trooper and she likes having a girl day!

Thursday we had Riley come spend the night. Which was fun b/c she brought her parents over for a little while. We had pizza and chatted while the kids went to play. They all get along so well. We had a spend the night party in the living room and Riley was first to crash! EARLY too, by 9:30 she was asleep and snoring.

At 3 am Anna woke us up crying because her ear was hurting. She pretty much got NO SLEEP and in the morning as soon as the Doctor opened she was there. Inner Ear Infection!! She was in severe pain but wanted to still celebrate! So we got her meds going and we had to keep them going every three hours. It was like clock work. She was fine and then 3 hours later she was in tears because of the pain. She was such a trooper and so was Riley. We still had fun. I hate that she was in pain.

We went to the Dollar store and got snacks for the movie. Then we headed to Johnny Rockets and visited with Cassie! Then to the movie to see Chipwrecked. It was so cute and the girls loved it. Then we went to get our toes done! It was a treat!

Ready to fill up our BUCKET one last time!

We got to sit at the BAR at Johnny Rockets! That was fun!

Should I mention that Anna's toes were messed up by the time we left Riley's house!?! Oh well, it was fun getting them done!

Then on her Birthday Pop & Mawmaw came over to celebrate her birthday and do Christmas. They brought a cake so we loaded it up with candles.

Happy Birthday SWEET ANNA! We love celebrating YOU!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas with Granny

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Christmas with Granny ... where everyone leaves HAPPY!! She is the true Santa.

This year was the year of the Beyblade. Will brought his stadium and a few blades and the boys got some for Christmas. So, that kept them busy and out of trouble (for a while)!

It was also the year of the Santa hats! Everyone had one and everyone had to wear it.

This year:

Noah got Beyblades from Will & Candy and the Winter Diary of a Wimpy Kid book from Turner and Cole. Granny got him a remote control Monkey that talks and makes noises (weird...but due to the Monkeyman movies she thought Rey could use it - ha!) and his big gift from Granny was a NEW SKATEBOARD!! He loves it and has scuffed it up already - that means he loves it!

Anna got a Moxie Doll that you can color and make it 3D from Francie and some "makeup" (lipgloss) and fingernails from Cole and Turner. Mom got her a Boogie board - it's like a little tablet to write notes on it reminds me of the magnetic thing we had we were little, where you pull the paper up to ease... kinda like that but digital. Pretty cool. She also got a ds wappy dog.

Mary got Tangled Jewelry from Francie and a bath set from Cole and Turner. Mom got her a DS pink and a the Lalaloopsy DS game. She loves it - she got her very own. She had been using Anna's which was causing some problems here!

Isaac got a Diesel train from Will and a Hot Wheels bath set from Cole and Turner. Mom got him take along Thomas Goldmine and Tidmonds Shed. He was in TRAIN HEAVEN!

Jason got a billed toboggan and a BUNCH of gift cards to some pretty sweet places.

I got DVD players for the CAR! Yes, I'm officially a mom - I got my minivan and DVD players. I also got a Swarkski Crystal ornament - which is BEAUTIFUL and some bath and body works shower gel and lotion. SCORE!

Thanks mom! You always get us exactly what we want. You are the BEST Santa ever!! I love you and Dad so much!! We had a really good time!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Anna's Reading Theater

Anna asked us for several days to come to her school because her class was putting on a "Reading Theater." I wasn't planning on going and I thought that it was just going to be the kids taking turns reading Christmas stories. I had already gone once to hear Anna read her favorite Christmas story (Mrs. Wishy Washy Christmas) so I thought I had done my good parent duty. BUT, that morning Anna said, "Mom, I really want you to come, I have a special part, and I really think you will like it." OK OK OK!! I'll go! So, I went. To say I was blessed was an understatement. We are now in public school but in Pearson's 2nd grade classroom the gospel was preached by more than my little Anna. Five of Anna's classmates were chosen to read their "Spirit of Christmas" paper they had written (Anna was one of them). It was a little skit where the mayor of the town was looking for the true meaning of Christmas. He was confronted with a store owner who thought it was the toys, a home owner who had the best lights in town, and then a little girl introduced the 5 kids who had found the Spirit of Christmas. As I sat there my eyes welled up with tears and I literally had chill bumps the whole time. Every child expressed that Christmas with their family but most of them said the spirit of Christmas was found in the Birth of Baby Jesus. It was so meaningful to me because it wasn't expected! It was beautiful. It's horrible to say but at a Christian school of course they are taught about the true meaning of Christmas and you wonder whether they get it and they encourage one another with the truth but to hear Anna share the gospel with the kids in her public school class and the parents who attended gave me so much joy. Maybe, just maybe someone believed because the 5 kids expressed the reason why Jesus came on Christmas Day. Thank you Mrs. Pearson for allowing the children to share the true meaning of Christmas. You have truly been a blessing to us this year.

"The Spirit of Christmas!"

by: Anna Noel Dollar

I think Christmas is about the story of Jesus's birth. Mary and Joseph were his earthly parents and God was his heavenly father. He was born in King David's home town or Bethlehem.
My family celebrates Christmas by waking up my parents and not looking at the gifts as we walk by. When there awake we run to the Christmas tree and open presents. When were done we go to maw maw and papa's house. We get 1 or 2 presents. But also on the 17th or 16th I have my early party (My bday is Christmas Eve). And the 21st I go to my Granny and Grandaddy's and we have Christmas diner and get 2 or 4 gifts.

i love her!