Thursday, November 24, 2011



Again super thankful for all the blessing the Lord has so graciously blessed us with! This year was the CVACHO year at Mammaw's house! YAY! Things were different this year some of our cousins couldn't make it because they were on a cruise - so Silena and I took advantage of the "differentness." Mom took us downtown so we could take pictures of each other. We also met our friend Melissa in Huntsville because that is where she spends her Thanksgiving. It was such a fun treat to see her! So, our goal...a Christmas Card picture. And we got one! YAY! I didn't know if it was going to be possible.

Speaking of this "photoshoot" - I suddenly became that mom I try to steer my friends away from being. But Jason seemed ill, he said he wasn't but he didn't seem to help keep the kids wrangled in, I wanted to keep them together - get it done then run around. I was also frustrated with the lighting and we had a hard time finding a location. It was taking a long time and it was at that point I got extremely frustrated. I think it's because I wasn't behind the camera - my control was gone and I couldn't see from my point of view. It makes me sad that I can take pictures of other people's kids but mine refuse (sometimes) to cooperate!

We had fun when we weren't taking pictures of my family! HA! I did enjoy the challenge. But we missed Thanksgiving dinner! Oops. When we finally got to the table it was good. And my Aunt Terri rocked the dressing patties - Thanks for keeping that tradition going!

I love when Silena and Clint get to come to Thanksgiving! It's always my favorite year when they are there!

Thank you Silena!!

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Silena Cvacho said...

It really was such a great Thanksgiving! We had so much fun and I love all the pics we got! I am so glad we got to hang out together- I hope this year we get to spend MORE time together! Love ya!