Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Ok. So, wow...I've been busy! I've seen on FB everyone posting everyday what they are thankful so I'm gonna catch up here on my blog.

1. Thankful for my salvation! The birth of Jesus, the life of Jesus, the death of Jesus, and the resurrection of Jesus. I will rest in HIS work on the cross and HIS mercy and HIS love for me, HIS child. Thankful? ABSOLUTELY - more than I know but one day it will be revealed, and then I can express my true thankfulness to HIM personally, face to face!!

2. Next would be my husband. I'm thankful the Lord created marriage. I personally think it's a beautiful thing. We've had some hard times but I love to see just how the Lord made us for each other. Jason is so good to me - he is better than I deserve and he pretty much out loves me everyday. BUT, I do love him so much - I'm thankful for his love, his patience, his kindness, his encouragement, his touch, all our laughs, and his heart. I will forever be thankful to be married to Jason Dollar and loved by him.

3-6. You guessed it 3rd - 6th on my list are my BEAUTIFUL KIDS. I must not number them or it will come back and haunt me (as one being a favorite) but each one I am individually thankful for. Together I'm thankful that they are all healthy, happy, smart, cute, and funny! I couldn't image my life without them. Each one has made my life better and better. Together they make our family VERY unique.

7&8. Wow, that seems far down the list but those numbers don't really speak to where they belong. I'm super duper thankful for my parents. Without them having 4 kids would be a huge struggle. They have helped me out in so many ways, encouraged me in so many ways and helped me stay afloat almost everyday. Ok, probably everyday. I could not live without my parents, not just because they "caused" (like that Jason?!?) my existence but because they have loved me so much, they have shaped me to who I am today. They are a true encouragement to me everyday and I love them so much! Thank you Lord for my parents. For them I am truly thankful!

9&10. My brother and sister. I love them so much and appreciate them now more than ever! They have become friends to me and that I am thankful for. I regret all the times I mistreated them because I was immature and selfish. I wish when we all lived together we enjoyed each other like we do now. We could have saved my mom's voice I'm sure! HA! Silena and Chad... I love you!

11-19. My nieces and nephews. Wow, y'all make life exciting.

20. Again, another high number which seems like it should be number 1 again. If you know me everyone and everything is my favorite. BUT, number 20 is our RMLBC church family. You guys have made worship real. You have loved in a way that I know Christ loves, you have encouraged me personally in so many ways not to mention how much you have encouraged Jason as well. You give us a "safe place" to come away from the world and fellowship and worship our King, Jesus, together. Thank you for that haven. RMLBC for you I am thankful!

21 -... All my very dear friends. I have come to realized I've surrounded myself with amazing people. At church, at work, on Facebook (ha ha), those who I've taken pictures for. I've come to love you all so very much! I'm so thankful to have such wonderful friends. If I named them all I know I would leave someone out that I cherish. So, no name calling. But if you are reading this, then for you...I AM THANKFUL!

...probably #300. Last but certainly not least. For one material thing I have, my camera, for you I am thankful. My little camera has allowed me to meet up with some long lost friends, it's allowed me to meet some pretty cool people, it's made me laugh with some pretty neat friends, it's made me want to throw it up against the wall but also made me feel naked without it. It's made me learn things I don't feel like learning and then loving the things I accomplished. It's allowed me to be myself and find creativity in a still moment. It's allowed me to see beauty in everything, even it that means cropping out a mess! Things can become beautiful with a click of a button. Why I'm most thankful for my camera is because it's allowed me to capture my kids in a split second and hold that image (hopefully) for a lifetime. My little camera...for you I am thankful!

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