Monday, November 7, 2011


These girls are a few of my favorite friends! This year we all took a trip to Gatlinburg to Mom's Retreat. It was so fun!! We went shopping, ate a TON, laughed a lot, rested, we learned so much and we were encouraged in our walk with the Lord. My favorite thing we did was BURNED CAN'T. We made a list of all the things we "Can't" do... wow that list got long and then we burned that list. There have been several times since our trip that I've said, "I can't do that!" and Delilah was there saying ... "You burned can't!" So, since the trip I've stepped out, trusted the Lord and taken a couple leaps of faith!

We had such a great time! My mom also turned 60 on this trip! We had a little birthday party for her. Delilah made her a cake and yes, we put 60 candles on her cake and lit it up! I hope you had a GREAT birthday mom!

I love you so much!!

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