Monday, November 7, 2011

iheartfaces: Black Challenge

This week's theme is BLACK! But NOT black and white!

We had set the date about a month before we took these pictures and the Lord worked it out so beautifully!! I was able to take pictures the DAY AFTER they were matched with their beautiful baby girl from Korea - GIA. So excited for them and this long awaited child. My camera and I want to be there for this journey as much as possible. Rejoicing!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! What a great concept for a photo.

MG Atwood said...

Fabulous! What a great memory this will be for the couple

Patty said...

What a fabulous memory!

Amy said...

Aww that photo and post made my heart warm with joy. Congrats to the couple and WOW on the photo! Great capture moment!

Ciara H said...

Great will be a treasured photo. Congrats to your subjects! Thanks for sharing the great photo and story.