Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Fun!!

This past weekend was a lot of fun! We had our Sunday School Party at Hannah and Ryan's house. We were missing a lot of people it seemed but we still managed to have a really good time. BECAUSE, we all know...I was there, the life of the party - ha! Shea made us some dip that was just delicious - we could have all gotten sick on it. It was addicting. We made s'mores, at least I did and we played the Newlywed game (that Jason and I were tied LAST FOR and didn't even win that)!! But I do love Jason - even when he farts! We laughed so hard at the answers from the couples and how they responded to each other. That really is a fun game! Thank you Hannah & Ryan for hosting us! We had a ton of fun! So much fun I couldn't get out of bed for Sunday School the next morning. Oops!

Today, we had a Birthday lunch at Pablos with Francie. It was so fun. It feels like it has been since SUMMER that my sister and I have even sat down and talked much less shared a meal and some laughs! I love her so much and miss her like crazy! School really takes the fun out of life sometimes. But thankful for little Francie who brought us all together Sunday and also - who turned 6!! She's definitely a big girl now. So thankful for that blondie! Looking forward to Halloween when we all get to PAR-TAY!!

Cannot wait for this weekend. Lots of fun in store. We are planning to go to Tannehill Saturday, and Sunday we have a pumpkin carving and our Fall Festival. FUN TIMES AWAIT!!

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