Monday, October 24, 2011

iheartfaces photo challenge: Let them be little

This week's theme: Let them be little!

There are a couple of reasons why this picture fits the bill. First - the girl loves art - art on walls, art in books, and BODY ART! So, let her be little you say? Ok, maybe I didn't let her be little I just let her play in her room - ALONE! Also, she is a big girl here - 2 years old, in this picture and yep...that's her binky. Let her be little? Ok!! Gladly. Makes her happy! Makes me happy!

On a side note, please - refrain from commenting about 2 year olds with binkies - I already heard them all!! Really - It's amazing how many people care about it! And apparently, it's amazing that I don't!!

I love my little Mary Mae.

For other "let them be little" expressions go to and even join the challenge.


Rainbocow said...

Nothing wrong with 2 yr olds with binkies. :D Super cute- most moms would freak out about this, not take a picture! lol.

Tawn said...

... really sweet ... good for you for capturing it!! :-)

Silena Cvacho said...

Mae, Mae, is just too sweet!! I love she has her binkie!! They are only little once and only for a short time!! Love the picture~ the little artist!! :)