Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween with Granny

At this point...I'm OVER Halloween. I thought it would be super cute for Anna and Mary to be Lalaloopsy dolls but by Halloween I was over those wigs and make up. I had planned on being at my mom's early so I could get some good pictures of all the kids outside (my favorite lighting) but I actually ended up taking a nap after school and slept way too late. So, I threw the kids costumes on them, me no make up, and when I arrive I've missed my "perfect time of day" and we are stuck with inside pictures. At which point, I put the camera away. I let Silena and Patrick do all the work.
This year was so much fun because my friend Macie got to celebrate with us. She usually works and for years we would take the kids by Walgreens to see her if she was there. So, this year I guess JR got her out of working. I had so much fun spending time with her. I hope she can come next year!! On a sad note, we did miss Delilah this year though. She was planning on swinging by BUT Ian decided to fall and need stitches! So she spent Halloween at Children's! WE MISSED YOU LILAH!

(And this may be why I don't leave the picture taking up to Silena! She creeped us out with blood splatter!)

We hit the jackpot this year when it came to candy. I mean, OH MY WORD, as if we didn't get enough from our fall festival (and Tannehill) my parents neighborhood hooked us up, with good candy! I love trick or treating in their neighborhood. They live in a town home subdivision and it's an easy quick walk covering a lot of houses. Some of the neighbors were out this year giving out candy at a fire pit. They looked like they were having so much fun!

Of course, I love the food on Halloween too. My mom makes some of the best chili and then there's all those sweet goodies she makes for the kids (and adults - but in the name of kids). It was so nice just to sit back, hang out with friends and family, and eat the best food around! All the while the kids look cute and really enjoy each others company. Another super duper fun Halloween in the books!

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