Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween at Tannehill

FIRST ANNUAL for us! I've been wanting to go to Tannehill for Halloween for about 2 years now but things would never work out. Well, Shea got me there and we had a blast! I hope this is our new tradition. Jason stayed home with Isaac because he doesn't love chasing kids around in HUGE crowds ... he has no idea what's he's missing! HA!

I did pictures for our friend Mandy while they were in town - which just so happens was RIGHT next door to Shea's house. SO, we were there and ready by the time it was time to go to Tannehill. If you don't leave at just the right time you end up waiting HOURS to get in and miss a day of fun.

It was PERFECT weather and beautiful beyond beautiful. Sue, Shea, and I with the girls went to walk around the park to see everyone's decorations. This, to me, was the highlight of the trip. Anna cannot do scary things! She will FLIP OUT! So it was fun to watch her slightly panic in FULL SUN. The girls were on ALERT MODE - ready to scream or run at anytime. Mary wasn't very scared. I think she knew we would keep her safe. If something came really close to her she would hesitate but not cry or scream - you could just see her thinking about freaking out.

We got back from our walk and hung out at the cabin - eating, what else were we to do?!? And hanging out with some people from the church while the kids all played with each other and ran around the site! One interesting fact I learned, which made me have the BIG HEAD, was... Jason Gamble (if you don't know thim you will not get the extent of the shock - but he can do anything and everything EXCEPT take pictures like me - which I will never share my secrets with him - he knows WAY TOO MUCH ALREADY) CONFESSED HE is JEALOUS of ME!! That's right friends! I was shocked. He said he was jealous he couldn't take pictures like me. And I wanted to say, "Now ya know how we all feel when you come around!!" Gotta love him and I was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day - Heck, I'm still on it!!

Then it was time to get ready for the BIG TRICK OR TREATING!! Riley and Anna (and Mary) were LaLaLoopsy Dolls and they were so cute! I got them all ready one at a time, putting their wigs on and doing make up. They were so cute and I wanted to get their pictures made! And by the way, Noah was on this trip but he's getting so big he doesn't hang out with us. He played with a friend he made at the cabin and played by the fire. You know he loves fires. But when it came time to Trick or Treat - he was all about it. We got him then.

Let me just say, I have NEVER had to stand in a line to trick or treat. That was crazy! But we had fun walking the park again. We could not have done it without Jake. He kept up with Mary so well. He made sure, first and foremost, that she was with us at all times, but also stuck with her and made sure she got candy, carried her when she was tired and she was soaking up all the love he would give her! She wrapped him TIGHT around his finger!

The only down side was we got separated from some of our group but we did all meet back together and chatted around a WARM fire!! It was a GREAT mood!

I'm sure Morris is thinking, "Who invited them again?!?"

Scared of what may be around the corner. Anna is not good with scary stuff! Riley is checking her back and Mary is just loving hanging out with the big girls!!

Mary found MICKEY! All is well!

I really love this picture of the 3 of them!

Here Mummy take her...NOT ME!

The girls were so scared of this little 9 year old boy! I think he's kinda cute!

Time to get ready!


Trick or TREAT!

More friends!

Jake is scared of Lalaloopsy! And why wouldn't he be!?

Humpty Dumpty! Looks just like him!

Oh this cookie is SO good! Thanks Shea!

If this doesn't scare you, not sure what will!!

Me & my red man!

See...Jason, see what you were missing!?!

I love this picture of Noah. He is really growing up!

Jake is the BEST!!

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