Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Festival 2011

This year's fall festival was a SUCCESS in every sense of the word! It just keeps getting better and better. This year Dr. Gamble and a team he put together. Made some new games and they were amazing. They looked good and were fun to play. And Jason (Dollar -my Jason),from what I hear, stepped up his hay ride gospel presentation! So not only were the games fun, the fellowship fun, the food yummy, but the gospel was told to every hay rider as well. How much better can it get.

The best thing in my opinion was this year instead of doing one booth all night we broke up into groups and only worked a certain time slot. So this year was especially fun because we got to enjoy it with our kids! Instead pawning them off or just letting them loose - Because you know that I have done that in years past! I also enjoyed taking pictures of everyone dressed up and having a good time. I hate being in one place all night! As a social butterfly I feel locked up in a cage! So this year...I WAS FREE! Yippee!

I'm always so surprised at how many people drop by for this event. I'm so thankful that for the past 3 years we've been able to do the festival outside. I think that makes more people drop in. We had about 500 this year.

Lori Polk, all props to you for being an amazing leader and organizer. You rock my friend. Can't wait to see next year's festival. It just keeps getting better.

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